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  1. I have the same problem like you..and i even have bigger pores..Accutane made my pores a little smaller after my treatment were done, but during the time i was on it it made them look bigger...It has gone about 1 year since i was on accutane and the pores is back to normal size again..but going on accutane for having smaller pores(like 30% tighter pores) is no good idea...no fun to have joint pain, dry skin and chapping lips, for tighter pores for about 5 months... Would laser treatment be
  2. Does anybody have the same issue as me - when you are talking to someone they start to rub their hand on their face to check their skin? Then when I'm talking to them they realise what they're doing and stop touching their face. It frustrates the hell out of me!!
  3. On the third picture I have scars or they might be enlarged pores!! I'm only asking for help - don't shoot me!
  4. Can anyone make any recommendations for my skin? Pics above
  5. Here are 3 pictures of me, one in bad light (as I call it), one in normal light and the other in sunlight! For some reason in sunlight my scars appear ok!
  6. Just wanted to bring the lighting issue up again! when I look in the mirror - 75% of the time I look ok. But if I turn the mirror at a certain angle so that the light (daylight) is reflecting on my face then my skin looks horrible. You can see my uneven skin and open pores. It's strange because if I look in a mirror outside then you can't really see the uneven skin tone. It's as if the dark and the light make horrible viewing! Can anyone make any recommendations for my skin?
  7. Does that mean I should do Fraxel? Anyone?
  8. Yeh car windows do give a bad impression. Is sunlight not worse than fluorescent light?
  9. Does that mean I should do Fraxel?
  10. "You cannot be serious" Yes John McEnroe I'm being serious
  11. I have a lot of open pores and whiteheads underneath my skin. I have visited my doctors and he told me that I only have a few whiteheads and was reluctant to give me some benzoyl peroxide. I am thinking visitng a dermatologist to see what options are available as it bothers me that people stop and stare at my skin. Can any offer any advice?
  12. Hahaa lol although I think you would love to say that I don't think it would go down too well at work. And besides, then you would be bringing yourself to the same level. My advice would be to carry on as normal, if you pass her in the corridor make eye contact smile and say hello. I believe this will give you more confidence when dealing with this idiot and show that your not embarrassed by their stupid remarks!!
  13. I suffer from scars, enlarged pores all over my face. Unfortunately there is no part of my face that is clear! Do other people have issues when talking to someone and they are constantly touching/rubbing their face whilst looking at yours, reminding you that you have bad skin?