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  1. Hi Fish (-: I thought that you had gone with the chat.

    1. Hey, Just to let you know, there is a vast improvement in those photos to earlier ones. Best of luck.
    2. Yup, this one. http://www.danielkern.com/product-p/treatment-16.htm You can't get much bigger than that. I assume that you don't want to have it shipped from another country, but it would still probably be cheaper then spectro jel (I had a look, that stuffs bloody expensive).
    3. Agreed, if we can't behave and be civil here what's to say that we will in chat.
    4. An idea Dan, why don't you make the chat invisible unless a moderator is present to make sure everyone behaves. From my time in the chat there is nearly always a mod around during the daytime. And how about automatic suspension for harassing a mod. Anyway, thanks for letting us know your reasons behind the decision.
    5. I have a feeling that we are going to loose a lot of regular members because of this.
    6. Would I be correct that dairy cows in the US are fed hormones to increase yield? If so this may be the cause, because that is not allowed in the UK.
    7. You're back! You are now probably wondering who I am.

      1. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Happy-Bir...el-t247064.html
      2. That explains why my post count is half what it should be!
      3. I started at 30mg daily (I weigh 60kg, so 0.5mg per kg). After 1 month I went up to 60mg.
      4. Well that explains why all the mods have 'Last seen:Private' on their profile pages. They are trying to hide their addition
      5. Hey, glad to see you are still posting on you log (-: I'm on day 93 and still breaking out, just not as much. Enjoy watching Batman and good luck with the rest of your course.
      6. One, maybe Two out of 10. Not bad at all. You have nice facial features too (-:
      7. From what I can find I think that the UK version, Roaccutane, is still available.
      8. came back couple of months after first course so I'm on my 2nd as we speak but this time around I'm gonna use a product as maintenance instead of doing nothing. That's what I plan to do, once I finish 'tane I will start with 0.1 Differin.
      9. You're right. She might not die, but she could mess herself up. She'll be getting enough vitamin A toxicity as it is which is exactly why the drug's insert states to NOT take any vitamin A suppliments. In the insert in my generic Accutane it says that as long as the amount contained is no more than the RDA it will be fine.
      10. I disagree with your Derm, a non comedogenic moisturiser would be a good idea.
      11. Yeah, if you happen to be a Chinese Hamster, I'm an English Human so I won't worry too much yet. EDIT: I see Wynne beat me too it