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  1. Hey, my face is pretty much clear. but yesterday i got a like red bump on my nose. i thought it would go away if i used dans bp. its still there. I needed it to go away fast because i have an event to attend tomorrow. so today i used cotton balls dipped in hot water n placed it on my nose. now my nose doesnt have a that bump on it but rather has like a red patch area. like burnt nose. im icing it hoping it will go away for tomorrow. if anyone else knows what to do lemme know thanks. i use dan's
  2. kk thanks my forehead gets pretty oily as well. i will stick with using BP for a while and see how it goes thanks.
  3. yo guys, i was wondering if BP is good for this type of acne on the forehead. I have using the acne.org stuff for like a week, n it cleared up most of face expect the forehead. so i was just wondering if using BP on the forehead would do the trick. here s a pic of my forehead.
  4. also make sure to wash ur hands before putting BP n the moisturizer on
  5. hey man, i think u have very mild acne. the regimen should help u out. make sure to start with less BP and then work your way up, and when u are clear, that is right u will be clear, u can reduce the amount of bp until ur comfortable with it.
  6. lol i was also wondering, i only get pimples here and there, like random pimples. is the DKR still ok for me? in addition to the random pimples, i do have tiny stubborn pimples that have been with for like 4 months but have decreased in numbers with BP. these tiny pimples are similar to very small whiteheads. So, is DKR still ok for me to use or should i be doing/using somethin else? thanks
  7. k thanks for the post i ll look into purchasing the Nizoral from where i work so i ll get a discount. basically im just gonna order the DRK kit n see what happens n if nothin happens maybe in a month or 2 i ll grab the shampoo. Now the only problem is which shipping method to use lol.
  8. thanks for the link i ll look into purchasing the shampoo if the DKR doesnt work out.
  9. I have some tiny flesh colored bumps on my forehead n a bit on my cheeks that are really small. i heard that it could be some type of fungus or something. Someone said they used nizoral n retin-a to get rid of them. is that true? can nizoral help with those flesh colored bumps n can it be used on the face?
  10. Thanks for the respond. I heard about that fungus stuff before. I am going to drop the benzaclin (BP) and gonna use a gentle cleanser until DKR arrives. Also is Nizoral a shampoo? And u can use that on your face? Hopefully DKR can help with the overall appearance n health of the skin.
  11. thanks for the responses. i think i will order DKR on monday. it will take about 2 weeks to arrive. what do u guys think i should do in these 2 weeks as for my skin as i wait?? n will DKR help with those tiny tiny pimples?
  12. Before I order I just want to know if DKR is for me. I used clindoxly before which worked like a charm.clindoxly is 5% BP and made me clear until it stopped working for some reason. Then I got acne on my cheeks n forehead. I then used retinal 0.01% but that made things worse. Now I have been using beznaclin 5% BP for about 4 months. It had cleared some of my forehead pimples n cheeks but Im not no where clear n isn't going as well as I hoped. Right now I have no red pimples only small flesh li
  13. i get these very small pimples, like very very small on my cheeks which dont bother me. however i have some other small pimples n bumps on my forehead which do.. anyone know how to get rid of them i use water in the morining and night to wash my face. and use benzaclin at night to treat them. i have using it for 5 months and have never been fully clear. i have oily skin especially on my forehead and nose, and the areas in get those small pimples on my cheeks. (T-zone?) anythin i can do to upd