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  1. Physically, my baby blues! Haha, my eyes never fail me when my face can sometimes. And personality-wise I'd go with my sarcastic humour (as much as it may annoy some...) or my loyalty to others.
  2. The evening without a doubt, especially after I've taken my make-up off and washed my face. What spots and red marks I have look ten times worse and eurgh. I love my skin in the morning when I've just woken up!
  3. hey I know a lot of women's fears when they go on the bcp is that they will gain weight. now i can only speak for myself but i've been on bcp for a few years now and i've never experienced weight gain on it. in fact i've experienced a little POSITIVE weight gain (in the chest area haha), which is more than welcome! if it's any more reassurance, the girlfriends i have who are also on bcp have no experienced problems with weight gain either
  4. Hey everyone, Well after two full months back on bcp, my acne has made a vast improvement. I still have some actives, but considering how bad it was when I first came off of bcp, it's nothing. I was looking to use some natural methods to help with my red marks left from my spots. Just wanted to get a general opinion from those of who have used ACV or EVOO or both to help with your red marks. Which gets the best results? Thanks!
  5. I am so with you on what you said. The other day a male friend of mine popped over for a catch up and he was like *stares at my face* "you've got a LOT of make up on today" so i was all like, what the hell do i say to that, knowing that i do because my face was looking awful that day, so i had to do the obvious and deny it "ummm i'm not wearing that much, maybe you just don't usually notice it". to be honest i understood why he may have said it, but i would have much preferred it had he notice
  6. hey, I've never personally switched bcp myself but I don't see any reason why you can't have your 7 day free period before starting your new pill. Either way it's just like you're starting a new packet regardless of the fact it's a new type of pill
  7. I've developed a couple of these on my face... one on my right cheek and one on my upper lip. The only difference is mine are a little bit darker, like dark brown. I don't have the answer but also would be interested to see if anyone else knows what on earth they are and how to get rid of them??
  8. I had the same experience, I was so clear while I was on Ortho lo and then I ran out and wasn't in a relationship or dating anyone and I stopped taking it for two months, my acne returned around the second month with quite a vengeance! I am currently back on it and have been taking it everyday for almost three months and I have not seen amy improvements, i'm wondering how long it will take for the BC to start working again, or if it will ever work again, or if I should switch to a different bran
  9. Hey I've posted on this forum a couple of times already about stopping bcp and just wanted to let you know what I experienced... About a month or so after I went off of them, my skin stayed immaculate for a couple of weeks (you seem to be having a much longer run!) and then it slowly began to deteriorate until it was far worse than when I was on them. But please don't think this will necessarily happen to you. It's all dependent on the person and your skin may well like it better without the
  10. Hey there, I don't have dry skin so much but mine is fairly sensitive and I've always found Clean and Clear's daily exfoliating scrub is quite gentle on my skin.
  11. Hey, I have used both the day and night tubes in the past (I have moderate acne when it's at its worst) and I have found that it can significantly help with my skin and help to fade red marks. However, sometimes, and it's probably just related to me and my skin, it does very little. I think it just varies depending on what my skin is reactive to at the time! Have you used any other products in the Pure A range? Any of the washes or anything?
  12. Thought I'd join in the picture posting fun! Here's a picture of me and one of my best friends (I'm on the left): Just to add - this was when my skin was a lot clearer and had good make-up on!
  13. Yeah people do say they should only be used when you're not able to wash your face properly but I figure if it's consistently working then what's the issue? Your plan sounds good to me... I quite often splash cold water on to my face after using the wipes so I'm not completely void of water, I also find it helps close my pores up a bit. Let me know if they do any good!
  14. Hi I'm in a similar situation to you... I went off BCP last October and I've been back on it for about a month. My skin seems to be slowly getting better, my doctor suggested that it would be 2 months before I saw a SIGNIFICANT difference, so maybe after I finish this month's I'll be able to see a bit of a bigger improvement. I think unfortunately it just takes patience.
  15. Hey, I'm the same as you in that I find washing my face with water and a cleanser either dries my skin out too much or just irritates the redness even further most of the time. I've found that in the past when I've used facial wipes I've had a much better response with my sensitive skin. Simple is a great range... before I've used their wipes, Olay daily facials are also good (though much pricier) and at the moment I'm using Vitamin E Superdrug wipes which seem to be keeping my skin fairly calm