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  1. Replace PC by Danielkern.com except for the SPF. Remove BHA in specifik. Add Dan's Cleanser,BP and Joboba Oil follow the regimen precisely. After a month add Dan's AHA as a night moisturizer. If you have patient and do this disciplined (dont give up and be generous with BP), you will have no single Blackhead within 3 months.
  2. That would be so awesome! Because I hate to moisturize with AHA and put a different SPF on it. Why not make it one step Another thing is I live in Holland. I now ordered neutrogena healthy skin face lotion at a supplier but also want your stuff, but thats twice the delivery costs.... Anyone else would like an AHA + SPF in one cream? I also read this article that SPF prevents wrinkles: http://dermatology.about.com/cs/beauty/a/sunscreen_wrink.htm . Another argument Thx! Tim from Holland/The N
  3. Tom! How are you? You completed the course right? How are the side effects? I'am finished with accutane since yesterday after 6,5 months. I feel so good, only a little worried that I need a second course after a while but it is what it is, if I need a second I will do it, I am so glad with these results! Cheers, Tim
  4. Hi Paris junior ;) Nice to read your log. I can understand you are afraid for the swine flu but there is a bigger chance to get into a car accident so don't worry haha I'am in my last 2 weeks of accutane of my 6 months course. Hope that your time is flying too! Iam from the Netherlands so sorry for my medium English. Cya
  5. Hi there, Since I started accutane 60mg a day 5,5 months ago I got a smooth perfect clear skin PLUS another advantage: curly hair I feel like accutane converted me from a frog to a prince. I think accutane made my hair curly. Although I got thick hair naturally I never had curls when I let it grow. Since I got a new browning moisturizer from my derm for my last month which makes my skin look like I have been in the sun for a while + my clear skin + these curls I feel soooo confident and the g
  6. Hey Tom, Maybe this is some hope for you. Sophienna was suffering from redness too and she used the product called olive oil and directly her redness was gone: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/accutane-log-t209400.html . Maybe this is some hope for you! Regards, Tim
  7. :dance: DAY 107 If I could just get rid of the redness, I would be 110% pleased with everything thus far. There are some left over bumps that can still be seen visually, but they have not been "active" since like February. Anyone experience this? I know exactly what you mean man. I have one bump on my left cheeck and one at my right eye who are there since week 2 , iam now in week 12. How much do you weight Tom? And how is 60mg with lifting weight?
  8. Hi Tom, Good to hear you have no whiteheads since for days! Can you make a close picture with light of your red bumps? I wonder how te look like because I might have the same issue. My aquaphor has arrived from the US Keep up the good work.
  9. Workouts are a chore. My joints aren't too sore like they use to be, but the redness and flushing is an extreme concern. I was doing some DB bench press yesterday afternoon (on spring break woohoo) and after I was finished...I had two people come up to me asking if I was ok...they said I seemed really flushed. I normally do get "red" when I lift heavy, but it has gone to another extreme while on Accutane. Not sure how to combat it really? About my lips, they are in perfect condition stil
  10. Hi Tom, How are your workouts doing? Still doing the same weight as before accutane? And how are your lips? Still under control with Aquaphor? Cheers Tim
  11. Be patient! A friend of me saw results after 5 months!
  12. initial breakout , like a breakout from acne. But if you never had really bad acne you wont get an IB.
  13. You wont get a IB when you have mild acne (Vulgaris) also when you got 20mg you still can get an IB but for you that is not the case.