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  1. Everything about taking b5 seems ridiculous. Forget the actual clearade product, simply try b5 at first!!! Go to any vitamin store and pick up b5 tablets and work your way up to 10 grams and see how that works out for u. Just be reminded and do your research to make sure u dont take any vitamins that might intefere with b5 absorption. I took my time out to post this crap to help people on this site because they helped me when I was in a low place with my skin. In no way do I give a crap what p
  2. I haven't posted in about 4 years or so and the last time I did I was mired in a true acne nightmare that had lasted about 20 years. I want to be clear that my acne was never severe and most would say it wasn't even moderate, but I was plagued by cysts that would start under the skin take 4 days or so to form and come out as huge lumps that were miserable to deal with. Along with them I had regular acne that would come go etc etc. Called in sick to work every month or so when it got so bad I
  3. Was just wondering how long after u completed accutane did u start the green cream. Also r u using any other topicals in case a zit comes out, and last does the green cream (level 3) make u red and should I get a topical while on it? Thanks just completed accutane and will be writing about it soon to hopefully help all the people that got me through that stinkin nightmare. Any other tips on keeping the acne away post accutane would be appreciated.
  4. If u get a chance read prednisone has been a miracle, I think it is under Accutane posts...but quick summary. After only 9 days in I got a nauseating, disgusting, mind blowing IB...The kind where u look in the mirror for an hour looking for something positive, walk away in disgust and turn right around and go back to the mirror because u r totally in disbelief. Zits on top of pimples on top of cysts on top of whatever the hell other stuff that I havent Ever seen except on proactive before pict
  5. Bro u have to check the label. Many shakes and replacements do contain vitamin A. Some quite a bit for example Muxcle Milk and Monster Milk both contain about 30-25 percent of recommended A for the entire day while something like nitro core 24 made with multiple protiens such as whey and casien etc has zero. If it doesnt say than dont use it. There are so many good quality brands that u should not have a problem finding 1 w/o A in it. Good luck
  6. Pi, Pretty harsh reply for someone who should be a little more sympathetic as this may just happen to u. A watson sounds like a nightmare. Wish u the best in whatever u decide to do. Im sure u had no idea u would be losing hair after your course was over and hope it works out for u. I too am losing my hair and have only 5 days left to finish my course. I am currently using a DHT blocking shampoo, Biotin and Rogain. I will keep u updated if there is any change for the better
  7. I spent about 80 bucks on that stuff and it was the worst for me. Went on rough like chap stick and by the end of the day my lips were the worst they have ever been. I use 1 percent cortisone very sparingly when they get real bad under bag balm which has been a miracle and 1 tin of the bag balm (about 7 dollars) lasted my whole 4 mnth course (done 5 days). Thumbs down for me on Dr Dans
  8. Vimes, Without a doubt the worst side effect I have gotten is the hair loss. All the rest are bad (lips red face rashes etc), but I dont give them much thought because I know they are going away when this crap is over. With me the hairloss snuck up on me. I never saw clumps of hair like others have reported, but I saw my hair line receding just like u explained. I kept looking in the mirror from different angles and thinking am I losing it...nah maybe, yeah, nah. I got a DHT blocking shampoo,
  9. I understand probably very few people who r finished with tane read this as they are either thrilled or disgusted with results but out there living their life but heres the question. I finish tane in 11 days. Absolutely cant wait to be off this miracle pill that has destroyed any trace of acne but has turned my face red like a clown, lips a shiny, disgusting drooling mess and hair that looks like straw. Anyway the derm told me lsat time that she ususally puts patients on differin as all cystic
  10. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Hope u stay clear. All the best
  11. congrats on staying clear. Its Very motivating. How long did it take for your lips to come back to normal w/o using all the lip stuff>
  12. I tried a bunch of different moisturizers and cleansers. The cleanser was easy for me..tried the cerave but didnt like it so now I use cetaphil. works good no complaints have been using it for the past 3 mnths... I must have spent a million bucks on trying diferent moisturizers and most of them are garbage. I have used the oil free moisture from neutrogena from the beginning in my beard area as it blends in quickly and is fairly cheap, but my mainstays are pretty @%[email protected]^% expensive. I use 2 clin
  13. First of all u are absolutely gorgeous, and I wish you all the best in staying clear. This post tane thing u are doing has kept me on track, and with only 14 days to go, the nervousness of the crap returning has been sickening so your blog thing has been invaluable. Please keep going with your updates. Have your lips come back yet? Cant wait for that. Thanks again
  14. Death, Hang in there. I wont lie every single day sucks...but like Yogi Berra said when its over...its over. That doctor dans cort block sucked so bad for my lips and made them raw and red. I spent like 90 bucks on that crap and threw them out. The best I found was bag balm for night time 10000 times better than aquafor and during the day lyp syl regular and with sunscreen. Bag balm is the best but i dont enjoy walking around with shiny lips. At night it has literally saved me. Lyp syl gets
  15. Im a guy but in my early 40's been battling very slight acne for more than 25 years and in lst year I was lucky enough to start getting cystic acne. Derm said enough is enough the antibiotics (went through all of them) and topicals (went through all of them) had to stop. So u are not alone. Wish ya all the best