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  1. Hi guys, Like many here, I suffered bad acne in my early 20s. Accutane was the bullet that shot that problem right in the head, and i have had relatively clear skin since. Up till last year, where stress and anxiety got the best of me, my skin started to take a hit, and my diet dropped to sugar all the time. Breakouts began again, and this year i've been working to regain my health. As part of my side-effects from accutane, i have chronic dryness of the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and skin. I wa
  2. Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone had any insights into this? Im now 3 weeks in and still having some breakout. I have been told by NeoStrata to stop using the product if it breaks me out, but I figure it might need more time?
  3. mikepepsi

    Aha+ Purge?

    Any updates on this. Jusy started on aha last week and have spots around my nose now as mentioned. My skin was suffering occasional under skin bumps which were leading to red marks but it definitely feels like those bumps are coming to the surface with aha so a lil encouragement would be nice lol I tend to quit any product the moment I breakout
  4. Paula's choice bha and aha both broke me out and made my skin very greasy and oily I remember from using them years ago. I'm sensitive to bha but before trying neostrata pc was the only aha I had tried. The neostrata formula is a lot better though it has lead to an initial breakout for me. I say if after 3 weeks you are still breaking out on any new product, and it's not getting any begter? Dont continue. If its still happening but showing improvement... Give it another week. If its getting
  5. Hi guys, Been a while since ive been on here. Happy to report that Accutane cleared my acne, but not entirely. That was five years ago or so now. As an adult i now deal with the hyperpigmentation acne left behind on my face, enlarged pores on my nose, and, unfortunately, occasional minor 'under the skin' acne bumps which leave red marks. My skin is at it's best when im exercising regularly, eating well and drinking water. In an effort to reduce these. i bought neostrata's Glycolic Renewal
  6. mikepepsi

    Breakout 4 Years After Accutane

  7. mikepepsi

    Breakout 4 Years After Accutane

    Hi all! So ive been a long termer here and unfortuntately whilst Accutane has generally worked like a DREAM for me, I still have suffered intermittent breakouts. Don't get me wrong, these ive attributed to being a guy of a certain age, but my latest breakout is pretty epic. No raised lumps or anything, but since accutane my acne has been comodenal to a point that i have almost like clogged pores that inflame on a very small level. Often, if i dont squeeze em, you can barely see they exis
  8. mikepepsi

    Bad reaction to Simple?

    I believe that their moisturiser broke me out too.
  9. mikepepsi

    Michaels' UK Product Reviews

    I'd also say that im not sure if my skin was being rebellious, but the Simple moisturiser didn't seem to help matters. Simple's toner, however, is effective at removing oil through hotter summer nights and keeping my skin nice and matte for a long longer - it is also incredibly gentle. Great to close the pores after washing. Many people are against toners, I am not one of them. I found removing it from my regime was a mistake.
  10. I have very sensitive skin due to Proactiv Solutions basically ravaging my skins natural oils and defenses. I have been on a number of different products through the years, and my very persistent moderate acne only came to solution with accutane, but two months later and im suffering from a much more minor form of the same problem, tiny bumps and oil. My skin is by no means clear altogether, i still battle with it, but it definitely has improved and accutane is to blame, no doubt, but i also b
  11. mikepepsi

    Mandelic Acid

    Ishtar are a fantastic company who will send samples, But unfortunately for me i used a sample as well as their face wash and the face wash feels very stick and lacks cleansing ability, and their mandelic acid serum was drying, of course. However i was beginning a minor breakout when i trialed the products, but they certainly seemed to actually make things worse unfortunately. i know this isn't the case with most people, and as with any product, you have to stick it through for a while to see r
  12. mikepepsi

    Can someone help me out?

    Sorry to keep posting, i know its annoying, but i figured out my cumulative dose over those 4 months only came to around 60mg/kg That's about half of what people cite as the 'remission dosage' I'm a little disheartened about it to be honest. I really wish my derm had given me the correct dosage, but he didnt seem to have a great deal of experience dealing with moderate acne, he said i was one of the least severe cases he's had to deal with. So yeah, here i am at square uno, hoping this breako
  13. mikepepsi

    Accutane failed me...oil is back

    My oil returned around one and a half months after accutane. My course though, was shorter and lower dose than standard - i was on 40 mg a month for 3 months then 30mg for the last month and im 6ft 4, the reason for this was i had only moderate acne to start with, and it responded well and rapidly to treatment, and i started getting some nasty side effects like blurred vision and hair loss. But i had about a month and a half of dry, clear skin after tane then the oil returned, and since then -
  14. mikepepsi

    Can someone help me out?

    ugh okay today i noticed ive had a reddux of spots on my neck again due to shaving i also have maybe 1-2 tiny spots under the skin appearing each day, which is annoying. My face constantly feels hot lately as well.
  15. mikepepsi

    Can someone help me out?

    I feel maybe being holed up in my room might have something to do with it? Ive been ill recently and havent gotten back into my outdoors workout programme, but the oil for me actually began when i was on a really outdoors vacation walking across the Highlands. Not sure my derms really gave me a proper chance to be honest in retrospect. I am going to see a doctor to see if i can get another derm appointment, even just to discuss maintainence treatments, but that could be months away; so please f