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  1. Day 105 Cant believe I missed the 100 day mark to post! Whoops. But also cant believe I've now passed the 100 days mark: crazy stuff!! Things are still going well. Glastonbury was extremely liberating. Day 1 I turned up with some foundation on but having hauled my tent to the campsite it had melted all over the place. Decided then and there that I wouldn't bother wearing any make-up for the rest of the weekend. Was crazy and no-one, including my friends treated me any differently despite
  2. Day 81 wllwrdr: I have been thinking increasingly about what happens after my course ends now that I'm approaching my last month (which I CANNOT believe!). I have an appointment with my derm early in July so will certainly bring up some of the options you've mentioned. I have to say your 'extraction tools' sound damn scary! Do they work?! Well now this time tomorrow I shall be drinking cider in a field in Somerset gearing up for some excellent supreme live music. My skin's looking pretty g
  3. Day 79 English_Rose: so sorry to hear about the cysts. I dont think people with good skin get just how painful those awful cysts can be. Dont beat yourself up about the squeezing. It's never too late to ice I'm off to Glastonbury early Wednesday morning and things are looking up from the situation a few days ago. Back to no actives just the left-overs from last week's breakout. Although the no make-up thing I think is a pipe-dream at this stage. But I'll be damned if preoccupations rela
  4. Day 76 **sigh** As predicted, I spoke to soon. I have two cracking great big cysts... one on each cheekbone. Time to ice, ice, ice. Chin up and all that
  5. Day 74 Sorry I haven't posted for a while (yet again) but it's due to a mixture of exams/moving house/partying and well umm not wanting to jinx how good my progress has been in the last 10 days or so. So I shall start at the beginning of when things started getting better. 2 weeks ago I had awful awful scabs and actives all over my face but especially bad along my cheekbones. So whilst hermitted away revising at home over the weekend I constantly applied aquaphor to the affected areas. I thi
  6. I'll be following your log closely cpteazy... It'll be interesting to see how quickly the side-effects slip away for you. Sorry if you've put this info elsewhere but how long/what dosage you been on? Must be so exciting only three weeks to go! Are you pleased with the results? All the best, **cindy**
  7. Hey English_Rose. Sorry for the belated response but I've been stuck with my head in the books for the past few weeks... boring!! How exciting now you've started your course! It's the beginning of the end So much of what you say strikes a chord with me. For example, the mirrors and makeup mask stuff. I go through life deciding which mirrors are 'safe' (mainly the ones at home) and ones that I know will make me cry if I even attempt to look in them (airplanes, dressing rooms generally hars
  8. Day 63 Wow! It's been AGES since I last posted. Been busy revising, sitting exams etc etc blah blah Would love to be able to report back with a 'wow I'm clear now' but no **sigh** nothing much has changed to be honest. Less than 3 weeks and counting to Glastonbury now and I cant seeing myself being clear for then. Ah well. Just another event/date/whatever that I've hoped to be clear for and it has not happened. Hmm this post is making me sound quite glum but really I'm not I've put the
  9. Hey thought I'd drop a note of hello I emphathise so so much with a lot of what you're saying. Especially the camping, swimming, staying over, make-up stuff. It's astonishing how acne and all it's spin off issues can affect so many aspects of your life. I'm 24 and have been suffering from acne ever since I was 16. Started my course of Roaccutane 8 weeks ago and although I've not had any improvement to speak of as yet, I'm placing a lot of hope and faith in this drug. That book sounds inte
  10. Day 46: Just Call me Two-Face Haha well as the title suggests my face is a tale of two cheeks. Right cheek... looking good! Clearing up. Just a few flat remains of old spots and a couple of small actives. Left cheek.... 5 CYSTS!! I never usually have more than 2/3 at any one time and then BAM! last night two popped up... this morning 3 more!! EUCH. I know I know I should be grateful about: - the right cheek - the forehead (pretty clear ) - the nose (only blackheads) - Chin (pretty clear).
  11. Day 41 OK I'm going to say this very quietly sssshhhhI think I may be turning a corner with the scabs of dooooom ssssshhh But I'm not holding my breath... I'm seeing the dermatologist monday. She completely bollocked me last time I saw her for skin-picking. No doubt there will be more of the same. I dont like her. She's patronising and speaks to me like I'm a naughty child. But hey it's free and the only way I'll get my script so guess I'll have to put up with her. pah So (as ever) scab
  12. Heey there i had a bad skin pciking habit too but i finally have it under control and am about to go on accutane in ten days cant wait! best of luck to you!

    1. Day 35 Well my mood has improved dramatically since my last post I did extremely, crazily well in my latest exams so I'm on academic cloud nine....wahooooo!!! Skin wise... my scalp is sososo dry. I'm not talking dandruff but instead it's peely. My earlobes are peeling as well. Luckily (as you can see in my avatar ) I have big hair which can cover these issues but my scalp does sting a bit when I wash my hair now. I'm thinking of buying some dandruff shampoo though to see if that helps. I
    2. Rx: I'm taking 3 x 20mg pills a day. They look a bit like coffee beans haha Day 31 Just a short update cos I'm pretty miserable about the state of my skin. Still dont think it's an IB I'm experiencing as my skin always worked in terrible-better cycles and what I'm experiencing now is typical of the terrible part So factor that it with the scabs and yeah... it's a mess The emu oil (with added manuka and tea tree) has arrived so we'll see if that helps at all. I'm a product junkie as it st
    3. Hey Brucey! Always good to see a fellow Brit I'm heading to Glasto as well this year (pig flu pending ) and that's the target date in my Roaccutane calendar...would love to be clear by then. I'm 28 days in on 60mg so it's feasible I suppose (although I'm not getting my hopes up!). I read some report saying that we're set for a good Summer... So **fingers**crossed** we'll both be clear and able to enjoy it to the full! Hope it's smooth sailing for you from hereonin