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  1. Hi Guys. Ive got light to moderate acne. Ive been on and off tetraclyine for years, Ive tried other antibiotics but had bad side effects of they haven't worked for me. Recently I had to change Doctor surgeries and Im finding my new GP difficult to deal with. My old GP new my skin history and what worked for me. Ive been on 250mg of oxytet now since September. Throughtout this time Ive not had a hugh breakout and its been well controlled. However the last 6 weeks my skin is out of control, and
  2. Hi guys. I suffer with light to moderate acne, that can flucuate with hormones and seems to flare up when it wants to. Currenly on 250mg of oxytet. which was keeping it at bay, but lately I have broke out so bad nothing seems to be working. I have not changed any products atal that my skin comes into contact with. I've tried a lot of products on my skin in the past that are developed for acne prone skins, but feel they cost a fortune and dont work that well. Im interested to buy the acne.
  3. Heeeey. I have just had some weird breakout. Had slight acne when i went onto the contraceptive pill. but it cleared itself up within a month and not had any problems till now. I am not sure if it is acne or a rash i have, but it is small pimple like bumps all over my face. Possibly an allergic reaction to a new foundation. I read that oatmeal and baking soda mask is good for reducing reddness, itchyness and acne. Could anyone tell me their experiences of using it? I am going out on Thursday a
  4. Usualy within 3 months you should notice a littel improvement, if you dont think this is working then go back to see your gp and see what their advice would be or next plan. Dianette is good for acne, although quite alot of people notice weight gain on it. Im on yasmin, which is really good..helped before and also with period cramps, some people think its great others have had a bad experiance. You just need to find the right pill for you. Ive been taking mine now for 9 days and noticing a
  5. i find it hard to find a decent foundation with spf cover in it, the only one i could find is an anti age one, its quite heavy though so dont use it much. You can put a suncreen under your foundation and then foundation on top. Then you can chose 2 products you know wont break out your skin.
  6. hi, i use rimmel mascaras which are cheap (about £5). Maybeline and maxfactor are really good to, they seem to last all day. Try using a mascara primer aswelll under your mascara if you can get one, they help it last longer and prevent it flaking off. Its best not to use waterproof mascara every anyway, as it can flake off and balls of mascara can actually get stuck in the back of your eye, when my teacher at college told me that i was like ewwww! I dont wear it everyday, sometimes i just sli
  7. Hi there..youve prob already went out and got your makeup. Try to get oil free foundations, this is what i use and doesnt seem to make breakouts worse. I use this foundation: http://www.rimmellondon.com/UK/products/fa...uct.aspx?id=359 You can get conceler sticks that contain tea tree, which are good. Try to read the back of labels, products containing talc and benotnite which thickens up products is really bad for clogging the pores. I can put products containing talc on my face, but alot
  8. i use a mineral foundation from rimmel its cheap, i picked it up cos my friend said it was really good and she is prone to breakouts. And shes right, i was using it everyday (run out now) and i never broke out, it covered my redness and breakouts well i thought and was light enough to use everyday. I layered it up so it didnt look caked on like so many peoples do! I do use the mineral powder, and noticed they contain talc so they advertise them to not clog pores..but then they put talc in the
  9. i dont use this regime. But a moisturiser i have found to be really hydrating, not clog my pores or make my face go oily and makeup slid off is simple hydrating moisutriser..if your from the uk tesco sells it at about £4. So if it doesnt work then youve not broke the bank.
  10. Hi i have the same problem..apart from my skins really pale, but not as pale as porclen and in some makeups ivory is to white for me. I learnt in college that you should have 3 shades of foundations, as your skin changes throughout the year, and mix them together to get a near enough perfect match. Use a primer, if you can, under your foundation it will even out your skintone and make your foundation adhere to the skin better. http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk/templates/prod...in%20foundation ht
  11. i used to have a primer from maxfactor..cant mind what its called, theres prob not that many. Mum got it in a set for me one christmas, it was really good and lasted as you only needed a wee bit. I didnt notice my skin break out with it. Go onto website, and into stores like boots and debenhams and see if they have samples of primers, so you can try a few and see the effects they have on your skin.
  12. Hi, your skin looks similiar to how mine can be! I was on the wrong pill for me and it made me breakout sooo bad. I know take a diffrent pill and its helping to clear my skin. I use garnier pure products which are really good! Your fringe could be causing the breakouts on your head (i get this too). Try to exflioiate every 7-10 days, if you over exfloiate then your sebacous glands over work as they think there isnt enough oil on the skin. More breakouts on one side of the face could be somet
  13. I can't afford Dermologica products...poor student But in college when we were practicising facials on eachother, my teacher allowed the products to be used on my skin 'cos the other stuff made my acne worst. I noticed really good results, dont know what range or whatever..used a cleanser, toner and moisturiser and bio peel (which costs a bit but leaves your skin looking and feeling great!). I find alot of products irritate my skin and make it red or make it break out, never experianced this w
  14. Ive not used these products, but from other knowledge im assuming that your skin is jus getting a deep cleanse and impurities and blind spots are coming to a head so they can be treated and removed.
  15. Ive had acne since i started pubery at 12, i am now 18. For years i couldnt find anything that would help my ance stay away but i now take tetracycline which i find has really helped, along with a contraceptive pill. My doctor gave me a topical solution, Zineryt. And this helps to keep bad break outs away. Ive jsut broken out around my chin and its so depressing, i think its becasue ive been wearing to much makeup again, so my bad. But antibiotic tablets are defintly effective..for me anyway.