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  1. i've been on differin for 8 weeks and i am still getting pimples. how long has everyone else been on this?? when did you start seeing results??
  2. whatever...the point i am trying to make is it makes sense that if you are not suppose to touch your face that rubbing up against a pill all night can't be good. i am also pretty sure i just tunr over from left to right (cheek to cheek). i took a nap today and i slept awesome for about an hour. it is so weird what your body gets use to. luckily my job is very easy because i have slept very little in the last few days. if that sounds retarded, say something because not getting sleep sucks.
  3. i hear you. however, i know i sleep on my side/face. for example (this ain't good), but i'll pop a pain killer and go out drinking and wake up with wrinkles on my stomach. this is because i haven't moved for 8 hours hours. also, i really can't fall a sleep if i am laying on my back. it might not help, but it shouldn't really be that hard to learn. a few nights with only a little sleep and at some point you'll just crash, i think. the idea behind it makes sense. rubbing up against a pillo
  4. i have slept on my face/stomach all my life. unfortunatly, i started getting acne about two years ago. in the last week, i have started trying to sleep on my back and i can't do it. hell, i've been popping tylonal pms to knock me out. it is probably jsut a mental thing, but it is hard. i am not sure if rolling around on your face all night causes acne, but it might. i figure at some point i'll get use to it (sleeping on my back). i forgot....red marks are on my cheeks which is where my fa
  5. can i get that over the counter or do i need a prescription?? someone told me vitamin c works, but i have no clue. it is hard to be patient for six months, six days ok, six weeks alright, but damn six months.
  6. i have had a few red marks in the past and they usually just fad away. i don't have any scars. however, it takes a very long time. some take as long as six months. i have currently been using differin and it seems to work pretty good (i have been on it for 7 weeks). i currently only have two active pimples on my face. the question i have is is there any way to get rid of the red marks quicker??
  7. i just got a prescription for differin today. he said i could choose either gel or cream. is there any real difference?? i am also hoping this stuff works.
  8. thanks. i've taken 100 mg for about 3.5 months. i am going to give 200 mg a try. i ain't that impressed with my doc. i would much rather hear from people my own age that are going through similar problems. the only thing i need the doc for is to write me presecriptions.
  9. does anyone know if taking 200 mg of doxcycline will work better than 100 mg?? also, how much is too much (??mg)?? the reason i ask is that 100 mg killed acne on my forhead, but not on my cheeks. i asked the doc today and he told me that it was the 'general pergression' of acne to go from my forhead to my cheeks to my jaw line. the acne on my forhead was there four weeks ago and now it ain't. i don't think that has anything to do with the 'general progression'. the doc also have me differi
  10. i just started taking doxycycline about two weeks ago and it seems to be working pretty good. i have a few red spots that are trying to heal. my opinion is that if the stuff is working keeping taking it until it stops working. doctors have about fifty other antibiotics they can give you if you get sick. if you stop taking it, your acne will come back. my plan is to stick to it until it stops working, which i figure will be a year or so.
  11. i don't want to scare you, but i've been using tazorac's for about four months and it hasn't worked too well. i have mild acne (ain't bad in comparison to alot of poeple, but it still bugs me), and it really hasn't gotten much better. i was just given doxy last thursday. the taxorac makes my face very red (probably not good for wedding pics). the combination seems to be drying my skin out even more. i don't like moistures, so that might have something to do with my problem. i was going to
  12. the doc gave me doxycyclene. he said it worked better/more frequently than erythromycin/benzamycin. he told me to use tazarec (sp??) at night, bp in the morning (if my face could handle it),and one doxycylene daily. he said doxycylene should work fairly quickly (a week or two). i guess we'll find out. i asked about acutane and he laughed and changed the subject. i told him i ain't use to having acne and i have tried pretty much everything he has prescribed. oh well. i'll try this one as
  13. i am fine with it taking some time. just wanted to know if anyone had any positive results. do you use retina or anything else or just benzamycin?? has anyone just took erthromycin by itself?? and how did that work out?? i want to ask for something i have never been on that has worked for others. my opinion is if it worked for someone else it is very likely it will work for me. no point in creating the wheel, when you can just borrow it from someone else. my deteratolist isn't all that
  14. i am heading to doc thursday. does benzamycin work?? i have tried pretty much everything else (retina, monocyline, tetracylin, etc). my acne ain't horrible, but i never had any before last year (i am 28 now). it sucks. i would ask for acutane, but that stuff has a billion side effects. do you use anything else with benzamycine?? it sounds like it takes a while to work (4 to 6 weeks).
  15. my cousins a doc and he told me there wasn't much difference between retin-a .01 and .025. i asked him to give me the .025 figuring it would work faster. he just laughed and said it wouldn't and to be patient. i never asked him about the cream.
  16. i've heard be patient before. i didn't have any acne til now (i am 27), and it is hard to be patient. 7 - 12 weeks, eh?? oh well. what the deal with Isopropyl Myristate?? the stuff i have doesn't have this in the ingredents.
  17. i have continued taken monocyloine twice a day and have not seen a bad break out (any worse than normal). however, i have been on retin-a for 3.5 weeks and haven't seen any improvement either.
  18. does retin-a work?? i have used it for about 3.5 weeks and my acne hasn't got better and hasn't got worse. it is just kind ot he same. i have heard of so many different people say this stuff doesn't work. has anyone had a good experience with this retin-a??
  19. does retin-a work?? it seems like everyone says retin-a doesn't seem to work. i just started using it about a week ago. it hasn't done anything. if so, how long does it take?? i saw someone recomended retin-a and a mosturizer, so i might try that. how long do you wait to put the mosturizer on after the retin-a??