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  1. This may be a silly question, but do you treat your body like your face and wash it twice a day if you suffer from body acne?
  2. I would see a Dr. as soon as possible. I'm know Dr., but i do know that one of the symptoms of an allergic reaction is swollen lips. I was taking Doxycycline and had the same thing happen to me. Both me lips swolled up real bad. I went to the Dr.'s the next day and they had to give me a shot and then put me on Prednisone for like a week.
  3. I started off at 20mg/day for the first month. The next two months i was on 40mg/day. The following month i was back on 20mg/day. The last month (and a 1/2) i'm back to 40mg/day. So i was on a light dose, but at the same time i'm a lightweight. Accutane has proven to be successfully with pretty much all types of acne, so i'm sure you'll be fine. Like i said, it can just take a while before your skin fully shows the signs. And for a lot of people, like myself, your skin actually will
  4. Hang in there, as it likely does not mean that it isn't working. The fact is that everyone reacts to accutane differently. That means that some people might notice great improvements immediately, while others might not notice the full benefit of the drug until the end of treatment. And on top of that - some actually tend to improve after the treatment is finsihed - which is why they say you have to take a break before being put on a 2nd course of treatment. For me personally, i saw some impr
  5. As far as the initial outbreak goes, it varies for everyone - like others have already mentioned. But you have to keep in mind that even if you have a bad one, it'll likely only last a couple of weeks or so and it'll likely be your last bad breakout for quite some time - and even possibly forever. So if you get one, it suck at the moment, but could be totally worth it in the long run. And as far as bloodwork goes - its a walk in the park. Everyone varies how they handle needles. Some people are
  6. As i mentioned in my original post, it really varied for different areas of my face. The first IB took place around my mouth/chin region. Before starting accutane i'd call that region of my face bad. Within a week on accutane, it went to horrible (worse than it was before accutane). It stayed bad for about 2 weeks. After that, it cleared and has pretty much remained clear and great. As my mouth area was finishing the IB, the jawline went crazy (worse than it ever was before accutane). Once
  7. Hey everyone, I've got a question in regards to aftershave. From what i've been informed, directly after shaving you should rinse your face with cool/cold water to help close the pores (especially people with sensative/acne prone skin.) Now the big question that i have is whether or not i should use an actual aftershave? It appears that the two big purposes of an aftershave are to disinfect(i know that's not the proper word, but to carefully manage your skin which has just been shaved and cou
  8. I've got about 2 weeks left (It will be a 5 month treatment - 150 day supply to be exact). I'm going to try to get my Dr. to let me go 1 more month, but my skins pretty clear so i'm not sure she'll allow me to. I've been on a low dose - 2 months of 20mg/day and 3 months of 40mg/day. I weigh about 125lb. I had to take a 3 week pause right before the 3 month mark... My first dose was 20mg/day and everything was fine. The 2nd dose we bumped it up to 40mg/day. But i had a lab come back
  9. I have a question in regards to this. What should one do if they are sweating and they are unable at the moment to wash their face? Does wiping sweat off increase the chance of clogging pores? What's the best options to handle such situations? Also, if one can only wash their face with nothing but water (no cleansers or anything) would that still be better than doing nothing? Also, does wiping excess oil off of your face with something like a piece of tissue also increase the chances of clog
  10. My initial breakout was a little different. To begin, here's a description of what my skin was like prior to taken accutane: Oily with smaller blemishes around my mouth (mainly whiteheads), and cycstic blemishes along my jawline. Within a week of taking the drug, my mouth area went absolutely crazy (whiteheads all over the place and the worst it has ever been). This area cleared up after 2 weeks however, and it's been practically clear since the initial outbreak (the best it's been in years).
  11. I haven't used anything else while on accutane (i'm almost finished with my treatment.) Using other topicals can make your skin even drier. Just gently wash your face with something gentle (most would recommend a gentle cleanser, i personally used and had no problems with Dove sensative skin - find what's best for you). And as far as moisturizers go, i successfully use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Generally you want to look for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (which means it
  12. Have you pretty much tried all the other medications? As far as your physical activity goes, one of the reported side effects is that your bones could be more susceptible to fractures. Joint and muscle pain is also considered a side effect. With that being said, there have been people who were physically active and experienced no such problems. There's a good chance your eyes will get dry, which could have an effect on your contacts. But i'm sure many can attest that with the right trea
  13. Yes, i also use Cetaphil moisturizer - morning and night 20 minutes after i wash my face. It doesn't clog pores and has SPF.
  14. I apologize if this has already been stated, but i noticed the thread was 119 pages long - so i hope you can understand why i didn't continue reading it after the 1st post. But i'm a male (23) and i'm on my last month of accutane. My hair doesn't seem less thick or anything like that, but the one thing that i recently noticed was that my hairline has receded big time. Like probably an inch. I know that hairloss is a possible side effect but i always read that it was more along the lines with th
  15. Lip treatment: I just used Classic Chapstick (the black stick) and it has done the job well. My one tip of advice would be to cut off a layer of your chapstick every night. Your lips are likely to get dry enough to the point that they peel, so if you don't shave a layer off the top of your chapstick (with the shaft of a Q-tip), your chapstick will actually begin to smell. Also, don't just buy one chapstick at a time. Always have an extra one around your place and maybe place one whereever you fr