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  1. I pricked a pimple on my forehead and after awhile, it turns into a hard bump. I'm not sure what it is but it's been on my forehead for about 2 weeks. I think its a cyst underneath the skin, but I'm not sure. When I stretch my skin, I can see the bump turn white, kinda like when you stretch a mosquito bite. Also, I should note that the skin around it is dry. Anyone know how to deal what this is and how to deal with it? Thanks I attached pics PS its a small bump on the skin even though the pi
  2. i had this bump for about 2 weeks it started off as a hard lump under the skin it feels sensitive when i stroke it when my head is creased (basically when its stretched), but feels hard when my skin isn't stretched im sure not sure what this is (sorry if this is in wrong section) can someone pls elaborate?
  3. Retin A is great and all, but there's a breakout period that lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months. i had my worst breakout when I was on Retin A, but it passed. If you want to use Retin A, you have to take a break from rolling until the acne flares stop (usually when your skins adjusts to it).
  4. 1. How long have you been dermarolling or dermastamping? 3 months 2. How much percentage-wise improvement in your acne scarring has there been, since started ? low 20s 3. Are you using ONLY the dermaroller, or combing it with LED lights? dermastamp+LED 4. What specific supplements are you taking to help with skin healing? retin A, A&C cream 5. Do you think dermarolling (from your improvements) will make you 100 percent acne scar free? possily 80%
  5. Hey, shin, where do you buy your roller? Dermastamp is getting expensive for me, so I think I might try a roller during my winter break. Also, how do you roll your face? Thanks.
  6. Hey, dudley, I have a question. How bad were your scars prior to all the Fraxel treatments?
  7. Haha... if this is true, the thing is, most of us wouldn't be walking around with dark stains on our faces
  8. high intensity<- keyword red and infrared are not high intensity
  9. Sign


    its up 2 if u wana buy it. just research it b4 u warrant a purchase. i've been getting good results via dermastamp, LED, and retin a.
  10. You're face is made of concrete jk our skins all have different sensitivity but the 1.5mm doesn't really hurt. it's only a light sting, but the idea of sticking needles in our face makes it sound a lot more painful.
  11. when im stamping, i go aggressive. you can stamp over the same area several times. i believe you should be able to apply makeup 4 or so days after the treatment because i can apply retin a without irritation 4 days after treating. just a note with this treatment: it takes time. in my 2 months i've seen some decent improvement, but i still have a long way to go. hopefully by late feb next year, i hope to reach my desired results (minimal scarring).
  12. sorry, couldnt fit both in last post first 2 above pics are b4 the third one is the second pic's after and this one is first pic's after stupid attachment wont let me upload image
  13. I really believe Den sees improvement. It's difficult to take an accurate shot of scars at an exact angle. Here's my 2 month progress so far (my first treatment was 8/20ish). sry, i changed to higher res for new photos
  14. they are the same. the saram wrap is necessary because it allows the EMLA to stick to the face. if you feel brave you dont need emla.
  15. How is that even relevant to this thread? Those needling pics were simply used to illustrate the widening of scars. This is ABOUT DenD359's progress with Dermastamp and not about needling. If you have some issue w/ me just PM me about it.