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  1. I have a ton of indented scars on my face amd back, and the surgery scar is a huge hypertrophic one. The doctor told me this treatment is effective for all those kinds of scarring, itll take a few weeks to say for sure though
  2. I have scars like that on my cheeks, im finally trying something other than home remedies, its called intracel ill keep updating but ive only done one treatment so far and itll take 2-3 weeks for me to see results
  3. hey all, its been a WHILE since I posted anything here, but this site has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life and I cant seem to stay away:). Anyways, I took some advice from a friend of mine who had a scar treated on her shoulder through INTRACEL, she had two treatments done a month apart and her shoulder, to me, looks flawless. I had intracel done day before yesterday, on my face, chest, back, and my ginormous surgery scar, so far its all still a little red and I ha
  4. i do everything! im a total adrenaline junkie, i started skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff diving, hang gliding, blowhole diving!!!.....yet i still have issues going swimming at the beach, my back has a lot of scars and my front has surgery scars, so i avoid taking my shirt off in front of other people.....oh well, cant have everything:)
  5. ill tell u what i tell everyone, focus on your positives; definitely treat acne however u can, there are thousands of different methods, depends on the severity of ur acne, but above that, focus on being comfortable with who u are, u being angry at acne will NEVER make it go away, in fact it might even aggravate it!(i think i read that somewhere dont quote me on it:))
  6. ur very lucky! and im sure ur beautiful:), being a guy ive always been weird about makeup, ive never worn it even when my acne was at its worst, but ive been dumped by women more than once for not being good-looking(took me a LONG time to convince myself otherwise) so im very glad for u to have found someone so thoughtful, and proud of myself to be able look past my appearance and be a positive person from deep inside:D thats what really counts anyway
  7. Agreed! this place rocks! and we are awesome people if i do say so myself! lol, ull find as much love and support as u need here Jenny P, find ur inner strength and focus on ur positives, everybody has them! P.S. yay Canada! best country ive ever lived in, just saying
  8. call me crazy, but an acne-specific dating website would be a terrible idea, it would give people an excuse to never work on their confidence! the reason i say that is because if I had been asked to join such a site 5-6 years ago, i wouldve jumped on in a sec, but then i prob never would have left and spent even MORE time resenting people with clear skin!
  9. lol, i like this thread! im a lab technician at a store that makes and sells glasses, im a hopeful manager in training cuz leadership comes to me naturally, and i handle pressure very well while keeping clear rules about work and friendships(im friends with everyone at work, i remmember all birthdays:D!). No one at any of my jobs has ever been mean to me about my acne or scarring, and even the ocaasional customer that i have to deal with, when the retail department is having trouble, always seem
  10. oh god the nose....ill never forget i gt a really really big pimple there two days before i was gonna start high school, i cried non-stop i was so freaked, and i popped it, BAD IDEA i know, it was actually ok enough to look at the next day that i went to school, but even now, 10 years later i have a small noticable depression on my nose from 'zitzilla' as my brilliant brother named it, lol.
  11. ive gotten into much better shape over the last few months, but the marks all over my face, back and shoulders are still bringing me down, happens every summer ill get over it...