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  1. A lot of people on these forums use Cetaphil moisturizer in place of the regular one. So feel free to use it.
  2. 1) How much moisturizer are you putting on? Remember, you can apply it has times as you need too. 2) If that doesn't work, pick up a product called 'Bio Oil'. It CAN help with the dry and itchy skin. At least that was from my experience.
  3. wow..I hope your just kidding with your post. Cause if you DID actually just cut it off, you just damaged your nose more then any cyst.
  4. ah yes. I've had that before. 2 actually. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Nothing that will make it go away faster then any other pimple. I do believe you can, however, apply the treatment on it without doing any harm.
  5. Try regular shaving cream. OR, try a different razor. What razor are you using anyways?
  6. Wet face, then pat dry. Apply Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (2 pumps) Wait 5 minutes Apply Dan's BP (Usually 1/2 pump) Wait 15 minutes Apply Dan's moisturizer + jojoba oil (1 pump)
  7. C'est will likely come by this thread and say something to the extent of: "We have regimen logs! Moving to the proper form. btw, good luck with the regimen, blah blah blah" So, there you go C'est. I did the typing part for you And John, seriously good luck to you. If you have any questions, post it. The people here are very friendly and helpful. And remember not to use the AHA until you've been on the regimen for at least 6 weeks.
  8. most of us in our late teens/very early 20's are still going through puberty, which is hell for our hormones. More then likely once we are through puberty, so will the majority of our acne. Unless C'est wants to reply to this message and disagree
  9. I'm currently going through what your going through. I have this one big pimple that refuses to go away despite the BP and AHA I'm putting on it. But don't worry. It happens. Not a lot we can about it. Some pimples still surface despite the regimen.
  10. Sounds to me like you have Rosacea. You should probably go to a derm and get it checked out.
  11. for the BP: You should probably be up to 1 1/2 pumps, but you have to judge that for yourself. It seems from your post that you might have sensitive skin. After the first month or so, I was pretty much clear of redness/stinging. If you have sensitive skin, your skin will take longer to adjust. Just keep at it. Actually, you may want to try the cetaphil moisturizer. It helped me a lot more then Dan's moisturizer during the stinging. (Just be sure to switch back, I think the cetaphil might be ca
  12. If you need to moisturize more then twice a day, do so. Maybe you should try picking up Dan's moisturizer or the Cetaphil moisturizer for usage in the night time. If you need to moisturize more then twice a day, do so. Maybe you should try picking up Dan's moisturizer or the Cetaphil moisturizer for usage in the night time.
  13. good luck. Have a fun first couple of weeks (It'll probably be harsh)
  14. I've been using the moisturizing lotion for..2 months now approx. It hasnt been the cause of any pimples.
  15. Jail?!? Yeah, it sounds like your screwed.
  16. I know the AHA can cause redness for about a month while your skin adjusts to it. Hmm...have you been outside a lot in the sun?
  17. sounds okay to me. I dont see any major problems with it. I think a few other acne.org members use it as well.
  18. you dont HAVE to use dan's products. It sounds like your pretty much doing the regimen steps as it is. What is bio oil? I never heard of this.
  19. +1 for the cetaphil moisturizer. The acne.org moisturizer wasnt good enough to get rid of my flakes. When I switched to the cetaphil one, it solved my flakes. Check it out.
  20. generic questions so we can help you: How long have you been on the regimen? How much BP are you currently using?
  21. IMO, it sounds like you haven't outgrown your acne yet. I would get back on the regimen.
  22. hmm, thought I read somewhere that dan said that anything above 20 is useless. I didnt think 20 minutes of sun will do that though...