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  1. You're not alone...same thing kind of pushed me over the edge today. Push myself to leave the house only to be paced with florescent lights and mirrors everywhere. God do I hate florescent lights...if I could live my whole life in dim lighting I would be so much happier.
  2. Hey everyone, sorry if this post is not suitable for here in advance. I am really lonely and at wits ends right now and think it would be nice to have someone to casually talk to who also struggles with acne and the like. I don't sign on here often unless I really am at wits end like I am now....if anyone else just wants to chat/vent about the weather/acne/whaaaatever from time to time I would seriously love that. Any replies and maybe we can exchange emails or something? Once again sorry i
  3. Your skin is flawless, I think you're in the wrong forum.
  4. I've been using 50/50 acv for a few days now, keeping it on all day. Put it on this morning as usual and looked in the mirror 10 minutes later and my face is BRIGHT red where I applied it and it feels hot. Should I wash it off? What did I do wrong it's freaking me out
  5. Hi guys I've been on Clindamycin (Morning) + Differin(0.1 % gel at night) for about 6 months now (holy crap I can't believe I've stuck to it this long) and I just wanted to make a post to share the results. My skin did not change whatsoever for the first 3 months, it seemed exactly the same to me just a bit more dry. I made myself promise I would stick with this for at least 4 months though, glad I did after that mark I noticed a difference little by little up to now. Now my skin I'd say 90% c
  6. I still have active acne, but not as much and rarely on my cheek so I feel ready to start treating red marks I'm on differin and clindimycin(sp?) I don't even remember having that many pimples that caused these marks..but it happened I guess. I just want to be able to go out in the sun come next summer