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  1. It has been a couple of stressful months! My face *started* breaking out again, especially over my left cheek and chin. I'm occasionally throwing on some hydroquinone to make sure my Retin-A 0.25% is really sinking in. It's all getting better, those nasty hyperpigmented marks are fading. Still loving the basics of the Obagi regimen... AM: Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin, exfoliate (still using HD polishing cloths), Exfoderm Forte, Dan's BP, Clinique Redness Soluti
  2. I've most recently purchased Obagi products from Amazon. Try looking up Obagi Clear Nu-Derm system and I think you'd be able to find the individual product. Hope that helps!
  3. My current skincare & makeup must-haves! Even as my skin tone and acne have improved, I am always looking for great products out on the market. I am always looking for great drugstore buys, but am also willing to pay an extra penny (or two) for great products. I thought I'd share what I'm currently using with others (and also document this, so that I can read this years from now to remember what I loved, and didn't love so much). Cleansers -Obagi Nu-Derm cleanser: I still use this, it se
  4. The topical zinc, even if it is in a butt paste (!), is something I will keep in mind! As for the zinc content in Differin, I'm not so sure-- from what I can tell from reading the label, there isn't any zinc in it. I haven't heard of the Osmosis line, but it definitely sounds interesting, you'll have to let us know how it goes. As for mineral makeup, I'm not such a huge fan of Bare Escentuals anymore (though I do LOVE their Buxom lip gloss, I've used it for years now!). It made me look ver
  5. So, when I had started this whole journey with Obagi, I had been seeing an anesthetist at a medical spa. She had mentioned some clients who loved the results so much, they had continued being on Obagi; but seemed to indicate that it wasn't typical. When I purchased the set, it had a brochure that talked about using the products for 8-12 weeks (not completely sure about the duration of the cycle since I've tossed that brochure out long ago); and repeating the cycle if necessary. After reading
  6. MissTigerlilly, I have to admit, not much experience with micro-needling, but know many others have posted on these message boards, and I'm sure many of them have been on Retin-A. Overall, is your acne improving? And as for the peeling, it will continue but that's the goal-- major exfoliation of many layers of skin! I hear commitment in your statement, and I like it! "I am staying loyal to my regimen even when I'm dead tired and don't feel like it." Remember, it gets better day by day, wee
  7. Sally, I think we're all here to find out if anyone ever feels as discouraged as we do at some point, or if someone else is experiencing the same problems in general! And most of the time, someone has had that same issue and someone is willing to share how they worked through it. That's why I love these message boards. It truly is a sense of community, like everyone is here for one another. Keep at it... I hope we will all one day show on our skin outside just how beautiful we all are ins
  8. The Exfoderm that I use during the day contains AHA, 6% glycolic and 4% lactic acid. I find the combination of AHA and Retin-A to be great at making sure my skin stays exfoliated (I'm not even using the hydroquinone anymore!) I know I'm pretty flaky if I go out before taking a shower and exfoliating with my microfiber cloth (I use Cargo HD polishing cloths, and love 'em!). And make sure not to overexfoliate, which may just make your skin irritated due the rubbing/abrasions. Just run the clot
  9. Hi Weelassie, It took a long time for the red/brown marks to fully fade. I'd say about 6 months or so. Looking back at those photos from my gallery, I'd actually say 8 months. At that point, I could dust some powder (I'm talking about a pretty minimal amount) to even my skin tone, but without makeup, there are still some marks, especially around my chin area. At this point, everything's pretty even (thankfully). No indented scars, which is why I invested as much as I did for Obagi products
  10. MissTigerlilly, I probably starting cleansing once a day well into my regimen, maybe 10-12 weeks in. I was noting my skin to be so dry. I had made my own decision to do this; I had gone to a skin specialist for the first 8 weeks or so, and after that made decisions on my own. At this point, I clean with Cetaphil in the AM, and Obagi in the PM (the Cetaphil has a little bit of oil/moiturizers and is not as drying, but my skin feels cleaner with the Obagi wash). How are you doing so far into
  11. Hi Sally, I do think Obagi changed my skin permanently. In fact, I've been in a nostalgic mood and looking at some past photos from several years ago; it is amazing how much my skin has changed. As for the Obagi brand itself, it may be the combination of everything, since I had never used Retin-A with hydroquinone and AHA's. But I am so glad I went through with it; it was worth the weeks of peeling! I did use moisturizers, especially Clinique Redness Solutions. Right now, I use the moistur
  12. My progression while on Obagi Nu-Derm (Retin-A, Hydroquinone, AHA)
  13. Hello all, Saw a couple of posts that I thought would merit a reply. As for little tiny marks or scars being brought to the surface; I think that Retin-A will eventually help even them out. It may just be that your skin is exfoliating different layers initially; I would agree with the others. Stick it out for a couple more months and let it do its full effect. Remember that it takes 2-3 months to see the the effects of Retin-A (and by that time may not even see its full effects!) so be pati
  14. When breaking out like crazy, I like powder foundation best, and I personally liked mineral powders best. Once your skin calms down, then I think tinted moisturizer is best. ... Just my opinion, I suppose!
  15. Welcome, Marshmelly! Breaking out in the forehead area mostly, huh? -New hairspray (can clog pores)? -Wearing hats or bandanas around your forehead (sweat)? -Do you have bangs (oil can be absorbed by your hair)? -Do you rest your head on your hands when reading/studying? Sometimes we don't realize the simple things we do can cause acne, especially when it's just in one area, like the forehead!