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  1. Good question! I’m actually wondering this myself. I’ve read about the 6-12 month scar remodeling period for wounds. But then it also seems like most people here don’t believe indented scars from acne can get better without treatment, so does that mean there’s no point waiting the 6-12 month period to see if the scar will improve on its own?
  2. You made me laugh by describing how people with acne have to eat differently because it's so true! I get a lot of breakouts around my mouth area, and the differin makes that whole area flaky. Which means eating a burger and stretching my mouth open wide...wow not a pretty sight. It activates the flakes! People with clear skin probably think we're crazy analyzing what we should eat for lunch so as to not crack any lesions. Not going to lie, it makes kissing a significant other pretty difficult t
  3. So what about lemon juice? Doesn't it have bleaching properties or whatever? Would that only work on bleaching the brown spots? Or will it work on red spots?
  4. I went to my derm for my rosacea and when I casually pointed out the mark she automatically said "yeah that'll go away in 3-5 months" but she didn't really get a good look at it. I just don't understand why it'd be more serious....I know I broke through a layer of skin but I've always had a bad habit of picking at my skin and causing scabs and ripping them off early. I've never had a red mark last this long. They usually start fading after a couple of days. Granted they take FOREVER to comple
  5. I'm kinda confused by this red splotch on my nose. I had an itchy bump on my nose about a month and a half ago, and I was dumb and picked it when I got out of the shower. It wasn't a pimple at all...just a flesh-colored tiny itchy bump. But I picked at it so much that I think I tore through the first layer of skin so it started bleeding. The next morning it was a scab. But I was dumb again that night, picked through the scab and it bled even more and scabbed again the day after. I left it alon
  6. I know this is an older topic, but I figured it's better than starting a new one. I have 2 giant red marks on my nose, one from prematurely picking a scab off. It's been almost 2 months for that particular one and it's still red. I've never had this problem before; normally my marks are like yours and they go from light pink to light brown and then they slowly blend in. What does this mean? Why is this mark not turning brown at all? Is that good or bad?
  7. Hahahaha I wonder about this sometimes too. I don't get zits anywhere else but my face. And my face is red because I have rosacea. Sometimes I wish I could move my zits/rosacea over to another part of my body and transfer over that flawless skin to my face. Weird thoughts...I know. What has acne done to me??
  8. I usually get a little bit of water on my shirt and on the counter...but it's not so bad. I love washing my face...the thought of going to bed with a days worth of crap on my face....yeah needless to say I never go to bed without washing my face. Maybe you're more like...throwing the water on your face. I cup my hands and fill them with water and bring them really close to my face before splashing. It doesn't really get anywhere else. My sink at home is so huge I can even duck my face under the
  9. Haha ok thanks! I thought it was a stupid question but I needed to ask My red marks haven't turned brown yet because I've been avoiding the sun and applying liberal amounts of sunscreen on my face. If they fade to pink over the next few months...and summer starts and I start to go out in the sun more often...it'll just make those spots last longer right? Ugh I almost wish it was autumn right now...I need half a year of no sunlight so my skin can recover!
  10. Yeah that sucks. Or when you're at a makeup counter buying someone completely not related to acne, and the sales person says "Oh we have this product that will help you with your acne..." I know they're just trying to make money but it still blows.
  11. Scary. I just got my passport photo taken yday and my face fell as soon as I saw it...I wish they let me edit red marks before printing. When you waste hours of your life sitting in front of the mirror, covering the bits of your face with acne and imagining what your face would look like without those spots. When you wish you could move that one bad zit over to another spot of your face where it's less noticeable.
  12. I have such fair skin..even if I don't pop the zit I'm still left with red marks. Of course my worst red marks are when I try to pop a zit prematurely...but every pimple I get leaves a mark no matter what. Joy to the world haha
  13. No not really. If someone else with acne is looking at my acne...it actually makes me feel fine because I know they're battling the same thing I am. I feel much more relaxed around them. It's when someone with picture perfect flawless skin is staring at my acne...that's when I feel really self-conscious.
  14. I fight cysts with Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion too! It's a weird watery consistency, but you just kinda drip a few drops onto your spot, rub it in gently and leave it on overnight. It definitely helped reduce some of the monstrous zits I've fought! vielleicht is right though. Just don't touch it. All my cysts leave red marks that take forever to go away, but for me that's unavoidable. Some cysts that I've gone to war with and tried to pop...have ALWAYS gotten worse and some have left actual
  15. Long story short, I picked at a clogged pore and now I have a red blotchy mark on my nose. It's been about a month and hasn't faded much, but I have a couple more months of school before summer starts. If it fades in these next few months....can it get more red again if I go out in the sun during summer break? Is there such thing as a red mark getting better than getting worse again? Damn red marks!