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    Good sun protection Doesn't cause major breakouts Non-irritating Thick Some white-ish cast Not comfortable to reapply Good sunscreen. I am sensitive to most sunscreens and very easily irritated. This does not irritate me. I wouldn't wear it as a daily sunscreen as it is pretty thick and definitely feels like sunscreen, but that's what it is. I wear this when I know I'll be getting significant sun exposure and am not concerned about the sunscreen feel/look. Since I can't use m
  1. meriellyn

    Good sun protection Does not sting No avobenzone A little thick Can get a little flaky, especially on dry areas or around hairline/eyebrows Mild sunscreen smell Pretty good stuff for OTC and easily accessible. This is not an ideal moisturizer for me but it functions well as a sunscreen. I am sensitive to most sunscreens and this one does not irritate my skin and does provide solid protection. Because it is a little thick and not terribly moisturizing, I don't use t
  2. I can't use AHA and BP simultaneously because the combo is too irritating. What I do is just use AHA a few nights a week in place of BP (still using the BP in the AM and all nights that I'm not using AHA).
  3. I bought this kit a few weeks ago at CVS (only place I've seen it around here). Strangely, the other AcneFree kits go on sale regularly at my CVS but not this one. And it's about $5 more than the others. Anyway... I don't think this wash would effectively remove make-up so I'd suggest using a seperate make-up remover prior to the wash in the evening or using a different cleanser at night and just using this one in the morning. I think the wash is ok but not something I'd buy on its own. Sulfu
  4. I feel your pain with the red marks. My skin has cleared up considerably over the past couple weeks but everything that has come and gone for the past few months has left red marks (and the cyctic ones leave lumps which take a while to slough off then even longer for the redness to go away). It sucks and looks just like actual acne in pictures (ugh) but I just have to remind myself that it's not and it will go away. The one thing that does seem to help is AHA. I haven't been able to order Dan'