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  1. Thanks for stopping by taper! This website has been an invaluable resource for me. I wish it had been around when I was younger and breaking out! I've been on my regimen for about two months now, Doryx for a little over one month, and every morning I look in the mirror and see more improvement. It's really a blessing. Like I've said earlier, I am so NOT out of the woods, but things are getting better. For everyone out there struggling with the physical and emotional effects of having acne, ha
  2. Hello people! Here's the latest update: Last Friday I went to the derm for my check up. He was pleased with my progress, but decided to keep me on the Doryx for another month. To be honest, I'm pretty pleased right now as well! Staying pretty clear (KNOCK ON WOOD), but I still have lots of PIH. The Derm also gave me a 6% Hydroquinone cream to start fading the dark spots. The problem is that I don't want those parts of my face to lighten...I just want the spots to go away! I've kind of been us
  3. SMT- sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Unlike you, all of my acne is inflamed. I wish it was the opposite! I still think that Ziana might be a good option for you because of the retinol component. It basically just makes your skin shed so much faster, therefore allowing those clogged pores that are just sitting under your skin to come to the surface and go away. I have been really happy with Ziana, and actually I've missed a few days and immediately have noticed a few bumps from not using
  4. Hi there! There shouldn't be an initial breakout with Duac. I've been on it for about 8 weeks in conjunction with Ziana Gel and an oral antibiotic. Initial breakouts are mostly the result of using retinoids and derivatives of vitamin A, like Retin-A and Accutane. With Duac, there will be some dryness and a little peeling, and perhaps a little redness as well. But it's nothing a great moisturizer can't handle. I really like Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. It's oil-free, for acne prone skin, and v
  5. BEGINNING OF WEEK NINE! Hello everyone! Haven't been updating that much because my skin has been doing pretty well. I'm pretty smooth and clear except for my pesky hyperpigmentation. I really think the antibiotic is helping ALOT. I have a derm appt at the end of the week so I'm going to ask to stay on it for another month. The dark PIH on my face...it's really causing me a lot of anxiety about going to the beach or swimming this summer. I am so scared to not wear makeup!! Ok, stay tuned...
  6. Sigh. Yesterday I noticed a small bump on my right cheek. I was SO hoping it wouldn't become inflamed, but this morning I woke up and it was kinda painful and red. Grrrr. So my clear streak has been broken. I've spot treated it with a bit of sulfur mask right now and I'm hoping my Doxy will nip it in the bud.
  7. Hey Tennis! Just wanted to respond about your inquiry on Ziana Gel. I've been on Ziana for 7 weeks now and I absolutely love it. As you probably know it's a retinoid like Retin-A, but it also has Clindamycin in it which helps fight bacteria at the same time. Seems to really be helping my skin. Worth a try in my opinion! Take care!
  8. IN THE MIDDLE OF WEEK SEVEN... I really hope I don't jinx this but my skin is really improving. I still have a lot of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but as far as actives I only have one healing one. I think the Doryx has really helped speed up the clearing process, and for that I am grateful. Just hope I can keep this up. I literally have not skipped a single morning or night of my regimen. Consistency is key! My bf and I went out last night, which involved drinking and cigarettes ( I kn
  9. NO CYSTS! Right now, I have no cysts on my face. Kinda unbelievable considering I've been getting 2-3 a week for the past six months. A small pimple popped up on my chin last night, looks and feels like it's going to turn into a whitehead. And I have two tiny tiny tiny pimples, one on each cheek that are nothing! My PIH is pretty much the same-I can't wait til it goes away! It's hard to know for sure if it's just the Ziana/Duac finally starting to work (I think weeks 7,8,,9 are supposed to b
  10. TUESDAY OF WEEK SIX... My skin is actually doing OKAY right now. My left cheek is clear of active pimples (KNOCK ON WOOD!) My right cheek has about 5-6 healing pimples. TONS of brownish, slooooowwly fading hyperpigmentation. I'm pretty much a Dalmatian dog. Skin feels soft and smooth. I'm on Day 4 of the Doryx and it seems to be doing okay. Makes my tummy hurt a little bit, but after I eat something it's fine. I'm a little worried because I am really really really really allergic to mi
  11. Hey Tennis! Thanks for the advice. It is a frustrating thing indeed. I actually went to the dermatologist this morning..I wish I had seen your post earlier! But here's an update... I decided to go back to the derm to see if I could get an extension on my oral antibiotic. As you all have read from the last few posts, I've been dealing with some sort of initial breakout, and I think the oral antibiotics can/are helping with that. He said that he wasn't going to refill my prescription for Kef
  12. Update! So today when I got home from work I did something I hadn't done in a long time. I had a MAJOR popping session. This breakout, IB, whatever it is has been triggering a lot of whiteheads. So I washed with Purpose and steamed my face for about 3 minutes. I usually steam my face a few times a week anyway. Then I gently squeezed anything that had a visible head. Yuck. After I did that I slathered on a Proactiv Sulfur Mask for about 20 minutes. I haven't been using the Sulfur Mask since I g
  13. My skin's a mess. I'm just happy my bf is going out of town for a week so he doesn't have to see this disaster up close and personal. I truly believe it's worse than when I started. Hope this IB passes quickly.
  14. BEGINNING OF WEEK 5... So I'm definitely having some sort of initial breakout. I have two, big actives on my left cheek and two whiteheads growing on my right cheek. All have emerged this weekend. Yay, more hyperpigmentation. The GOOD NEWS is, the huge cyst that I had injected on Friday is GONE GONE GONE! I mean that thing was big. And the cortisone shot made it completely disappear. Who knows what sort of scar or damage that thing would have done. The oral antibiotic may have helped some t
  15. Go to the dermatologist. Get it injected with a cortisone shot. This is what I just did for one of mine that would not go away. Could help in a big way. I'm on Ziana too and it wasn't helping the cyst go down. Good luck!