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  1. Yeah, I know. there are hardly any directions. Benzaclin worked for me for over a year..till i got out of whack, and now im on the generic and it isnt as good. But i LOVE benzaclin the original. ITS NOT BAD to use alot of benzaclin, but because it's so expensive, its not a great idea. Just use alot on areas that are really problem areas or actively broken out. I apply my moisturizer immeaditly following. *shrugs* thats just me. I try to avoid the areas where i put alot on. There is probably a th
  2. I used to have Moderate to severe acne. Tried evert OTC product. My mom always told me "oh it will go away." or "its not that bad" or "all they would do is put you on the pill" so she never would take me to the derm. But MY BROTHER ended up getting to go, and got prescribed tarozac and benzaclin. He said the benzaclin hurt so he would never use it. But I would. I started using benzaclin in march 2009 and by summer had PERFECT skin. I was a nazi about following my regimen (neutrogena cleanser fol
  3. The title says it all. For the last 5 months I have washed my face evernight with Cerave cleanser, and then applied Benzaclin, followed by a moisturizer. Then in the morning I wash my face with Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil Control Foaming Cleanser and apply moisturizer. I HAVE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER MISSED. My face is like 99.999% clear and I only get zits occasionally (knock on wood). But last night....I accidently fell asleep....and this morning I woke up 9 hrs later and freaked out! I left
  4. So, on monday I noticed that one spot on my chin felt hard and and warmer and almost painful...Uh oh....By tuesday it was definitely gonna be a huge zit. It's my own fault..For some experimental reason I've been treating my whole face w/ Benzaclin...EXCEPT FOR my chin. So I guess it's my own fault. Anyways, I though it would be almost gone by now but it is still pretty red and huge. It's kinda painful and hard still. I can maybe see a lil white, but not like a normal whitehead or pustule.
  5. Hi, I'm new here but not new to acne. I'm 17, and have moderate acne. I've tried pretty much every OTC acne product on the market--an the "successful" (even though they haven't completely cleared my skin) regimens last maye three months max before my skin becomes immune revolts back to it's previous condition. i'm sick of it..my mom wont let me go to the dermatologist..even though I've begged. But my little brother got to go and the DR. prescribed Tarozac and Benzaclin. He uses the ta
  6. Hi, I'm new here but not new to acne....I'm 17 years old and my skin started to breakout around my chin when I was like...14...My mom always told me it would "go away on it's own" and "not scar" and that anything a dermotologist prescribed "wouldn't work". So....I left it be. And, when I was 15, it started spreading to my forehead...And when I saw 16, it started appearing on my cheeks. Obviously, at that point, I started trying OTC products to stop it and clear my skin. I've tried