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  1. That sounds dangerous, I hope you know what you are doing. Are you sure tretinoin is ok to put on your scabs? As far as I know, tretinoin is supposed to slowly peel your skin and probably would be very irritating on a treated skin. I think you should use Neosporin. can we have some before and after pics? thanx, T.
  2. i tried tca on my arm, 12, 25 and 50%. the 50% really did left a brown spot. after 1 month I put 25% over the brown spot and its almost all gone. I think the 50% was just too strong. Dont go over 25% on your face. T.
  3. Of course you can shave. When they say you can´t have your hair removed for a week, they are talking about chemical hair removers, like creams. I have had several TCA peels and had no problem with shaving.. I do it every 3 days. Just make sure your skin is not irritated or too sensitive when you do the peel. Dont shave it on the peel day and on the day before it. Start with smaller percentages. Thiago
  4. Thanx again. I had three 12% TCA peels (each 30 days apart) and noticed some improvement, but not much. Im also using Vitanol 0,05% which is Tretinoin just like Retin-A. It keeps my skin ok, but my red marks became kind of permanent, so Im willing to try new stuff like a 25% TCA or maybe using a lower percentage more often like you are doing.
  5. thanx girl3900. how long have you been using it? any improvements yet?
  6. I was just wondering. My skin is very resistent to most acids, I don´t usually get very dry or peel too much from using most of them. Do you think I could use TCA in a low % like 6% every other day? Like once every two or three days. Anyone had any experience on not waiting too much to use low percentages? Thanx in advance, Thiago
  7. if theres no active acne involved, I think you could exfoliate once in a while. I have the same problem as you, but I guess I just dont care as much cause its not on my face. Thiago
  8. If you havent used sunscreen on the dark brown layer of skin until if peeled off, that might be the reason your skin turned dark. It happened to me when I had a TCA peel on my arm and didnt use any sunscreen hoping that t-shirts would be fine to go out. Then I found out that white shirts are only SPF 4. So, if anyone that had a TCA wants to go out in the sun, they HAVE to use a strong sunscreen, even when using clothes. Like every hyperpigmentation on the skin, its unlikely to be permanent. Th
  9. Thanx for the reply. I´ve done a 12.5% last month.
  10. Im thinking about doing a 25% TCA peel at home. I´ve been using AHA everynight for a couple of weeks, done patch tests and now I think Im ready for the peel. My question is: what can go wrong? what should I be aware of? what could make my skin permanently marked from the peel? Thanks in advance, Thiago
  11. Intense Gel is just a product made of vitamin C and other ingredients that make your skin look healthier. It´s not magic like many here advertise, but sure shows results after a week or two.
  12. Yes, oldguy, but this post is about the pics I have just posted.
  13. I have 12.5%, 25% and 50%. I have no idea what´s the pH level. Just did a patch test with 12.5% on my face and it burned quite well.
  14. Hello everyone, Here´s what I´ve been through: I´m 20 yers old and had bad cystic acne till 17, when I started taking accutane. Used it for 1 and a half year and now I barely have any acne. Im very happy with my results but I would really like to get rid of the scars. It´s been two years since the end of my accutane treatment and since then I have used all kinds of tretinoin and isotretinoin products non-stop, had 4 micro-dermabrasions (cristals) that didnt help much and now Im
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