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  1. Okay just for the record: The therapy ended about 4 months ago with a total dose of over 180mg/kg. No new acne, but of course the scars remained. photos: photo 1 photo 2
  2. yeah there are no new inflammations. about time after 8 months . The scarring is severe and can't really been seen on this new photo, but I'll have to live with that.
  3. Day 219, new inflammations have been reduced to ~0,5/day, which is phantastic. I just took a new photo. It still looks horrible without the flash, but it's significantly better than two months ago.
  4. <3 day 169. Well I've passed the 120mg/kg, still on 80mg daily. And the acne... it's not that bad at the moment. Actually the photo I took today was pretty good. Not yet OMG-it-works-good, but the number of new inflammations was reasonable low. I'll see if it's a normal good week, or if it really is the turning point. But honestly I begin to think that it doesn't really matter that much anymore . I mean sure it would be nice to be able to shower without bleeding . But the scarring is so sev
  5. 156 days | 4,2 months | 106mg/kg I'm on 80mg now, but there's still no improvement. fresh photos:
  6. I don't think it really matters with that dose, but the half-life of Isotretinoin is ~21 hours, which means that your peak concentration will be significantly lower if you you don't take them together. That may help to weaken the side effects. There have been some studies which investigated the relapse rate of people who took Isotretinoin in different doses. The result was that the rate depends much more on the cumulative dose than on the daily dose, which means it doesn't matter if you ta
  7. 146 days | 4.8 months | 97mg/kg No progress at all. Face still clear, back still a disaster. On sunday it will be 5 months... . But I'll probably get on 80mg/day at the end of next week + my derm seems semi-cooperative about the therapy duration... so no fixed end at the 6 months mark (which would be in ~4 weeks already ). This is ridiculous.. my dose is already far higher than what most other people get here in germany - without any effect on my back. If everything goes according to plan, I'l
  8. Yup, face cleared up from moderate acne to clear in ~2 months - only scars and red marks left. But my back doesn't seem to improve at all. I'm getting multiple inflammations every day. The derms here are incompetent. I've seen 4, only 2 even looked at my back. My current derm is also incompetent, but at least he's willing to give me 60mg/day. Maybe I'll visit him again next week to see if i can get to 80mg.
  9. 136 days / 4.5 months / 89mg/kg Hmm... 4.5 months. A very sad milestone . I've made a comparison between now and the first day of the therapy + another fresh photo. As you can see there is no improvement to speak of. The old photo actually looks better, although that might be because of slightly different lighting. No unusual side effects... don't really know what else to say. ;(
  10. cool, replies . Hokay some things to clear up: 1. I don't want to spoil my source, but I can assure you that the accutane pills were original. But I don't use them anymore.. found another dermatologist who gives me the full dose. I know a lot about this drug, read almost all published scientific work on it - far more than both of the dermatologists, believe me. I know such a high dose is needed to lower the risk of relapse - don't want to take any chances. 2. Yes I tried a lot.. Head & Shou
  11. You hit the nail on the head... exactly the same for me. 23 years old, 10 years of massive acne from face to back. Mix that with being shy and you get a social wreck beyond repair. I've never had a gf/kissed/not even hold hands.. the yearning for a relationship is beyond words. Sometimes I wish it would literally kill me, at least it would be over then.
  12. day 124 / over 4 months long time since the last update, on 60mg per day for quite some time now. Good news: My face is completely clear. Bad news: My back/chest has improved next to nothing. I've attached two photos from the end of may. To be honest: I'm disappointed. Although I know it can take some time for those areas to improve, it's not easy to cope with. The planned duration of the therapy was 6 months, which leaves less than 2 months for a miracle. But I have no intention to drop off th
  13. The idea that acne isn't a disease, but rather "a high-order psychoneuroimmune interaction – that functions to ward off potential mates until the afflicted individual is some years past the age of reproductive maturity, and thus emotionally, intellectually, and physically fit to be a parent" isn't new. That would make the masturbation theory at least not totally ridiculous, which is far more than some other crazy stuff here. I'm not saying it's correct, but it's a valid idea which might be wo
  14. day 42 acne on face is improving, so is it on my back. I've done a quick before/after mouseover: before/day 42 mouseover Mouse over picture: after Mouse next to picture: before Side effects are no big deal: dry lips, nosebleeds, rash on both hands, dizzyness and headaches edit: oh and i'm on 50mg since day 33
  15. day 29 Hey there, thanks for the replies. While I appreciate your advice, it's not so easy to forget about the girl issue. Even in the acne forums there are 15yo people who had 3gfs this year alone, which is a bit humiliating to hear. My derm won't increase the dose, so I've uhm "acquired" more ISO from abroad. It should arrive tomorrow, I'll then increase from 30 to 50mg on my own. I wish I could get those 60mg like Enemy on a legal way, but that's rare here side effects include the usual dr