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  1. Day 8 & 9 Forgot to post yesterday, but still going strong today. Did notice on the night of day 7 a tender spot on my neck, where I was very prone to breakouts, but didn't freak out and have been applying Klaron, which seems to be doing the trick because prior it would have developed a bit more to the surface by now, but seems to have plateaued and is going away. Been scaling back on Klaron during the day around my t-zone where I'm oiliest, and it seems to be making a decent enough di
  2. Day 7 Still clear and trying to combat my oily skin now by scaling back on my topical treatment during the day. Shaved my face last night and it felt great to actually apply even minimal pressure to my face without having to gingerly avoid certain breakout prone areas. Skin feels strong and doesn't feel like anything is going to change any time soon as long as I keep this up. @CrazyInternetMan well put! Once you get into the habit of reconditioning that thought process, you slowly sta
  3. Day 6 Looks like I've successfully made it through the weekend. After nearly a full week, not even a hint of something new forming. Oil is still as bad as ever, but hopefully I'll begin to see a change in that as I enter the second week.
  4. Day 5 Still looking clear and been slowly scaling back on the generic Klaron lotion I use. With how hot it is and how much I've been sweating/letting oil build up on my face, it usually almost certainly meant something would form the next day prior to this experiment, so we'll see how things look tomorrow.
  5. Day 4 Usually once I get past day three, it's pretty much smooth sailing....much easier to stay the course. This weekend is supposed to be extremely hot, too hot to do anything, so that'll help immensely with days 5 and 6. Again, still nothing new popping up, which is excellent. Red marks still going at a snail's pace though.....they used to come and go when I was using Dan's bp, but felt like that was also contributing to how irritated my skin was then. If I make it to mid-week nex
  6. Day 3 Still a bit of a struggle keep myself focused, but I'm pushing through...and reminding myself to post here is helping a ton. Not much has changed, which is great, because I didn't have any "active" spots when I started this cycle and have had no signs whatsoever that something might be forming under my skin. Again, if you read my earlier posts, my acne prior to this was very constant.....so for such a dramatic change in my skin while doing this experiment after 12 years of acne
  7. Day 2 Almost got derailed, but I think doing this on and off the past 4 months has definitely made it a little easier to stay on track when you're restarting a new cycle. It's pretty disheartening when you're only on day 1 or 2, but like a lot of people on here have said, it starts to get a lot easier as you go along, especially if you're beginning to see a change in your skin. Unfortunately being in a relationship complicates things, but thankfully going a week to 2 weeks at a time seems
  8. I most definitely noticed an improvement, which was almost immediate (1-2 weeks) and I have been testing it out for 4 months now to make sure sex/masturbation was indeed the cause and I am very confident it is. I've been dealing with acne for about 12 years w/ seemingly no end in sight, so when I finally noticed a bit of an unusual change when I recently had a sex/masturbation dry spell (the longest I could think of for me in recent memory), it was a very "oh duh" moment, because I never even g
  9. I have been on and off of bactrim for the past 3.5 years and I have found that it only takes about 2-3 weeks to see noticeable results that remain consistent throughout however many months that follow, as I regularly take it. The only times I began to see breakouts is when I would skip taking it for a few days or generally when I wasn't taking it daily, as specified by my derm. While I read that bactrim works for most, there is a handful of people who seem to have an adverse reaction to it, an
  10. I think for most people it takes 2-4 weeks to start noticing a difference. I've been on and off it for the past 3.5 years and it works quite well for me and I usually notice a change by week 2-3. While it doesn't take care of the current acne you have when you begin to take bactrim, it does effectively stop production of chronic acne from then-on if you take it regularly. Also pairing bactrim with another acne fighting product like benzoyl peroxide I think is ideal.
  11. I had this problem also, not as bad as you described it, but I found a lot of new spots coming up. What I found that really prevented those new ones from forming is using SA products, mainly Stridex triple action SA pads. I use those right before the neo and I pretty much haven't had to worry about anything coming up for about 2 weeks now using both.
  12. I just started to use Nivea for Men daily oil control and it works alright. It doesn't get rid of the problem, but it helps
  13. Thanks for the link, that actually clears up a lot of my questions. I'm a little concerned with this paragraph though: "Until your rosacea is under control, you may want to avoid all sources of flare-ups, including strenuous exercise, cooking over a hot stove, spending too much time outdoors when the weather is summer-hot or winter-cold, alcohol consumption, or anything that causes your skin to feel hot and redden. Many patients find it helpful to keep a diary of their rosacea triggers, and th
  14. Clean and Clear stuff can be very good, but my problem was that I just get too dependent on it and I start to want to use more and more of it at a time and it just made things worse with the red blothes all over, the really oily skin in certain spots and the incredibly dry-flaky skin in other spots, and the breakouts that were the cause of these side effects. So make sure you use it in a controlled amount!!!
  15. So i'm at the year mark with differin, and I have the same problem of turning insanely red like I'm embarrassed or something, but it occurs from the minimalist eventful activities through the day. I actually have stopped using differin for the last 5-6 days and I mean some of the obvious things have already reduced themselves, like I'm not as oily anymore, that sort of raw redness around semi-active zits has gone down considerably, and I'm not as red all over....my face has returned to more of