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  1. Hey everyone, I went off acctuane about a month ago and i was just wondering if it was okay to get my eyebrows waxed with no long term effects, (Im ok with getting the red skin around it initially) Thanks
  2. hey everyone......sorry i havent posted at all......ive been so busy with summer work. So this is pretty much around my first month. Side effects: dry skin on hands, headaches, lower back pain (mainly when i work out), CHAPPED lips...the corners or my mouth hurt like hell. Good news, ive only gotten mainly one pimple so far...my chin and right side are clear of pimples..but of course i still have red marks;/......... anyone know anything safe to use on accutane that also speeds up the proc
  3. today is my fourth day! so far no side effects at all, idk if its because im moisturising religiously or if it just takes a little more time......any ideas?
  4. hey girl! i am 16, and ive had the same frustration as you! if you need anything dont hesitate to PM me, good luck!
  5. Hey everyone! SOoooo excited to be starting accutane!!! I get the perscription after my one month of birth control (Which i have been on for 2 months and i really like it, i take beyaz) which will be on July 13th, a few days after my birthday Backround: lets keep it simple, ive had acne for about 4 years now, and i have tried EVERYTHING to combat it. When we pretty much ran out of options my derm suggested that i take accutane for 6 months. My skin: Ive always had mild/moderate but PERSISTA
  6. Lol I'm so awful at band names!!!!!!

  7. Alright, so all we have to do now is think of a name.. XD Got any suggestions?

  8. Hey everyone, So my ob/gyn perscribed me with Beyaz for mild/moderate acne on my face. There's like no reviews on it. Anyone taking it??
  9. I dunno, you're going to have to be pretty good hahah. I'm a "semi-professional" XD

  10. if i had to choose between the two, id choose cetaphil gentle cleanser. purpose was too drying for me
  11. haha oh yeah, we definitely should

    none left my skin burn caused unnecessary redness did not help with acne at all prolonged red marks dried my skin like crazy Honestly, i would NOT recommend this item. It left me burned, dried and irritated. I would only put a bit on, but it still burned like HELL. NOT recommended
  12. Ooh who knows, maybe we can start a band. A girl drummer on stage has definitely got allure ;)