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  1. I'm not comfortable doing the TCA cross. Right now, I started individual needling and I will definately commit to as long as it takes. Not sure what the difference is between the nokor needle and the surgiwire. All I know is that my Dr. invented the surgiwire and I feel very comfortable with his expertise.
  2. Ok, I uploaded a bunch photos of different parts of my face and my scars and I am mortified at how bad my skin is! I have bad sun damage as well. So I did a pretty good needling session today to some scars on my forehead and photographed so I should be able to track progress. I also plan to have a full face subcision with surgiwire and some fat transfers coming up in the next month or two. Luckily I now have the $2000 to do it. If someone can help me share the photos, you all will be ab
  3. MAP is another form of vitamin C just as the sodium Lascorbyl2-phosphate is, the type used in the article. Unfortunately, sodium Lascorbyl2-phosphate is not readily available to the public. MAP and absorbic acid are however. The reason that I am using MAP is because Dr. Todorov from smarkskincare.com said it is about as effective as sodium Lascorbyl2-phosphate. He also says that a combination of the many forms of vitamin C can be really effective. But you can find sodium Lascorbyl2-phosphat
  4. Thanks for your reply smoothmove. That is a shame that those with positive results have left. I did read your thread and thanks for that. I never thought of using lancets before and I had some at home so I needled four places on my forehead last night to see. I am going to follow your advise about the individual needling. What I am confused about is how often to needle as there is some conflicting information out there. Some say 6 to 8 weeks to let your skin remodel otherwise you are e
  5. I want to add one thing here and that is why I believe dermabrasion and chemicals like TCA to be superior to lasers: Lasers of all kinds can affect the fat layers causing fat loss. This won't effect you too much if you are young but it will when you get older. So something else to think about.
  6. I'd look into using Retin-A regularly to promote collagen production before any treatment that you decide on and use it for a while prior. Be sure to inform your Dr. that you have been using it. I would also do some research on topical Vitamin C use. Surgiwire subcision looks promising. Google Dr. Gravier in Georgia. I actually got a quote from him $2000 for full face and includes fat injections in the areas where I need them. I've had my acne scars for years and years so you better b
  7. I'm looking for people on this forum that have had positive results after at least six months from their final session of derma/CIT rolling or needling and who continue to improve. There are a lot of threads on this subject here but no real results thread so I would like to know if this is method is worth the time and expense or not. Please list your type of scar and the severity of them, the start date and type of treatment (all over rolling or single needle method), number of treatments, p
  8. Please don't forget the before and after pictures. There is another site called makemeheal.com where you can document your procedure. I am having subcision via surgiwire done in May along with fat transfer. Total cost of procedure, $2000.
  9. I have researched both extensively and I WOULD NOT do the laser. If done incorrectly, you can lose fat under skin which will make you look older. I think this can happen even if done correctly. The plus about peels is that they can stimulate collagen production. (See my post about the postive results achieved for scars using simple glycolic peels and vitamin C. ) I don't know what type of scars you have but subcision is the best option for rolling scars. I am having the surgiwire done soo
  10. Here is the link to the article and the rest is pasted below. There are before and after pictures on the web page. http://www.beautymagonline.com/pages/Vitamin_C_acne.htm The search function was not working so not sure if this has been posted before. Glycolic acids are often used to help treat acneic skins, and in some severe cases, there is post-treatment residual scarring that must be dealt with. For many years, perceptive skin specialists and practitioners had been using the Vitamin C
  11. I had it done to one icepick scar on my cheek about an 1/2 inch from my nose. This was about 10 years ago and it did not take it away completely but took it from a deep ice pick to more of a shallow scarred pore type of thing. I would do it again and plan on doing this or a chemical peel on some of the remaining icepick and boxcar scars that I have.
  12. I am going to set up an appointment with Dr. Gravier soon. It seems there are other surgeons in other areas that are doing this as well; the video I think is from a clinic in Dallas, but Dr. Gravier introduced it. I am 41, female, and have mild to moderate scars; 2 boxcars, 3 or 4 pits, and some depressed areas from where I had large cysts. The texture of my skin appears rough beause of a lot of small surface scars. I want to do this first and in conjunction with either dermabrasion or a c
  13. Has anyone heard of this? Here is a link to a pdf explaining this procedure: http://www.imibeauty.com/html/Procedure%20...resentation.pdf If this link doesn't work, try googling diamond wire subcision. Dr. Gravier is in Georgia I think. I wanted to edit this to show a video I found of a Dr. using this procedure on a depressed scar. http://video.aol.com/video-detail/diamond-...cid=VIDURVHOV04
  14. I've been looking for a foundation or alternative that won't slide off my oily skin or oxidize after a little bit of wearing it. I've tried many things but none seemed to work as my skin is super oily and makeup can sometimes darken and look splotchy on my skin after an hour or so of wear. Well I've always used cornsilk powder on top of my foundation and that helped. Cornsilk can be reapplied over and over again without looking chalky or cakey. Today on a whim I decided to try using just the