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  1. Ok guys, this is a serious question. I don't know if you guys watch that show Breaking Bad the one starring Bryan Cranston (from Malcolm in the Middle). That bump on his face bothers me to NO END because I have a similar one on my face in the exact spot (although a little smaller). I noticed that Tom Cruise also have a similar bump. Basically, it's just flesh colored, non-inflammatory, firm, non-itcy, and kind of just there. It is very annoying and seems to be permanent. I have had mine for at l
  2. Hey everyone, Im posting because I made an appointment to see the dermatologist tomorrow about this problem. I have had this bump on my face (non inflamed, non itchy, non painful, slightly red due to me squeezing and burning it with a heatpad. The bump is very noticeable under the sun and under certain sunlight. Like I said, it's been on my face for more than 2 years. I went on accutane after this bump (and for my severe acne) and this was the only thing on my face that did not go away. I want t
  3. It has been a year since I've done accutane. I thought I would give a brief update. My acne has returned but nothing I fuss over. Maybe a whitehead or two now and then. I have not been watching what I eat so I guess it's expected. Since accutane I have not gotten a cyst. My white heads are not inflamed. Sometimes I get those hard painful bumps but they never come to a head and are not severe like the cysts I used to get. My neck acne is 100% gone. Blackheads are back but I use baking soda to exf
  4. I Love Hand Sanitzer

    Clears Acne 100% Clears Blackheads 85% Cures oiliness temporarily Acne may return Dryness, minimal hair loss Sensitivity to sun I was lucky enough to experience on a small amount of side effects. I had dry lips (my skin wasn't even excessively dry) and some hair loss which now is growing back one month later. I am not sure if I am 100% cured of acne but I would recommend anyone with severe to moderately severe acne to try this. Yes, there are side effects but honestly, I held
  5. Just keeping a record for reminder As of May 23, 2011, I was officially off of accutane
  6. As of today, I have been on Accutane for 261 days. I almost feel sorry for my body. Im glad it's responding well though sorry everyone. i feel like i've abandoned this site. the past few months have been some of the best days of my life. absolutely zero worries about my skin. ZERO. life without an oily face is so much easier. no constant insecurities. Anyways, I am nearing the end of my accutane adventure. I must say, I am just as fearful of leaving the drug as I was coming into it. Why? Becaus
  7. @ get.lifted yeah I think a lot of people on this site has mentioned mirror phobia. Harsh lighting is so cruel and every time I look at myself I get depressed. But yeah accutane has been working and if you are on it too I'm sure it'll work for you also! good luck! Day 61 20 mg Claravis (3rd month) Condition: well face is looking great, red marks are also dramatically less severe thanks to aloe vera ( I think) I actually bought a whole new aloe vera plant so I can put it on my face daily. I ca
  8. Hey dorismarilyn, I have no wal-marts around me (they are sort of far) but right now I believe I am getting a decent deal from Walgreens. I applied for this card they have which costs $20 a year and they always give me discounts every time I fill my prescription. Right now I am paying about $200 for a months worth of Claravis 20mg. Thanks for the info though, I will definitely be calling Walmart to see if it is cheaper there. And yeah, Walgreens do order them for me if they run out of stock
  9. Day 56 No changes. But I wanted to bump and ask has anyone experienced a dermatologist that is just too lazy to update ipledge for you? I have to get on my doctor's a$$ for him to do it. I visited him saturday to tell him to do it, he promised he would. He didnt. I called Monday and told him to do it. He didn't. Now it's tuesday and I have 4 pills left I'm planning to call him again. Wtf can I do about this? It is highly annoying and happens every time I need to get my medications. And ipledge
  10. Day 55 20 mg Claravis Condition: Face is looking way better to be honest. I have a bump on my chin and a few whiteheads but the red marks are less noticeable. A lot of people say that Accutane can cause scarring but I've noticed that ever since I started Accutane my pimples have left red marks that fade within days. This is definitely a great thing because they used to take months to fade. Some pimples do not leave marks at all! My neck is also progressing. Still have one stubborn bump that won
  11. @ Goodz: Yeah I am definitely noticing more shedding more than normal, I am also keeping a close watch on this. I think accutane (my derm says) stays in your system for 6 months? So maybe it takes that long for hair to start recovering, not sure. Keeping my hopes up that the shedding doesnt get worse. Day 51 20 mg Claravis Condition: Got a few new active pimples on my cheek and jawline, nothing to moan about. A lot of the pimples I get nowadays are just slightly painful bumps that seems to go
  12. @ Del Glad to hear that you are in a similar situation. I know once the accutane course ifscomplete the hair will stop falling so much! (at least I'm hoping anyways) But thanks for letting me know that it takes 7-10 weeks to see improvements, I was starting to be a little concerned. Good luck on yours as well! Day 49 20 mg Claravis Condition: Face is pretty clear aside from this one pimple near my mouth. There is also a leftover pimple on my cheek that's going away. Right now I am pretty happy
  13. Saw your pics on page 7. Your face is looking good! I really wish mines looked like that Good luck
  14. Thanks Del! for the support. I am finally updating, I've been busy with school starting and whatnot. I also forgot the password to my account Day 48? 20 mg Claravis Condition: A few (maybe 2-3 active white heads). Not sure why but I am still getting acne and I am almost done with my 2nd month. Not sure if this is normal or not. Have one active cyst looking thing on my neck. Face wise, I havent gotten a cyst for a long time So the good news is that my blackheads look great. They've improved
  15. hey! you had sore jaws too!? I didn't know this was so common. It actually scared me a bit because it felt like a huge cyst was coming out. But no worries it went away within a couple of days. I think it is good that you are starting on 10 mg, i think it might make IB less severe (if you even have one, likely you wont). Good luck on your accutane journey! wow! people actually read this! I should probably update more. congrats on starting accutane. finally took that scary step. truth