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  1. I know you shouldn't ask a women this, but how much do you weigh lol. I'm 190 so a low dose may not work for me Haha.. Don't worry.. My weight is about 126. Perhaps the dose I did may be a little low for someone at 190 but you could look at your suggested 6 month dose and half it for 12 months? I think people always want max dose minimum period as they want results but I can honestly say I still saw results in those first few months despite a lower dose!
  2. Hi, I see a lot of people doing higher doses for 6 month periods however I did a low dose for an extended time and I'm convinced that's what helped it work! I think it just keeps it in your system doing its thing? I did 20mg for 6 months then 10mg for a further 4 months and it worked amazingly. I was clear for 5 years then I had a baby 2 years ago, my hormones went crazy and it came back. I'm due to start on it again this month with no hesitation and I'll be using the same theory of lower dose e
  3. Hi, I really feel for you and I am sure there are many people on here who can relate to how you are feeling! Acne is a debilitating thing and can really mess with how you view life in general. Acne makes you permanently conscious of how you look, it makes you spend countless hours searching for the next 'cosmetic cure' , it makes you spend years of your life taking countless antibiotics only to be disappointed at a lack of result! You see, you're really not on your own with this one. Sometimes f
  4. Are you catwoman?

  5. Im 32 and just starting my 4th month of accutane. Things are going pretty good (ive stopped breaking out) After dealing with acne in many forms for the last 20 years its hard to contemplate that something might actually clear it, but accutane really is living up to its reputation! As for side effects i think ive been lucky.. just chapped lips (im on 60mgs) My only regret is that i didnt do this sooner!! Good luck with your course, i hope you get brilliant results.
  6. I wear full make up to my derm apps purely because there is no way i will leave the house without it... let alone walk through the hospital car park and all the departments and then sit in a waiting room only to feel like im being viewed by everyone as a freak specimen at the circus!! I know many would say 'well how can they tell whats going on' but they've never asked me to take it off they just ask me how my face is and i tell them. I'd say just do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I
  7. Re the price of Dermablend..... im in the U.K and over here the foundation is around £13 and the concealer is £10.
  8. Just bring in the big guns and invest in some Dermablend! I swear by it - the stuff is amazing! Its formulated specifically to cover birth marks and burns etc.. i thought at first it would be really thick and obvious when on the face but its not at all. It gives a full coverage through high pigment not thick consistency and therefore looks very natural on. They also do a concealer which i use over the top of foundation then i set it with powder and it hides EVERYTHING!!! All Dermablend products
  9. Just stopping by to say hi... cant stay long as im on my way to purchase a purple dressing gown!! haha
  10. Im not sure if you could get the procedure done whilst on accutane due to the fact that your skin goes hypersensitive during the months of the course but i'd still ask just incase. If not then i think the peel idea would be good especially an SA based one as that unplugs pores, however a peel from a pharmacy is only going to be a superficial peel so i doubt it would totally get rid of them but it would probably help smooth things out somewhat.
  11. Hey CoreyDB!! Sorry to hear those closed comedones are giving you grief. I just thought i'd throw in my experience of how i dealt with mine. My acne is comedonal/cystic but i had loads and i mean loads of closed comedones across my chin and cheeks. My derm basically told me that these comedones were inacctive acne that could inflame at any time so before she put me on accutane she did a procedure called 'hyfrecation'. It consists of a machine that used a current to cauterise the comedones (in s
  12. I would rather stay at home and stick pins in my eyes as opposed to leaving the house without makeup so naturally i asked my derm this very question! The answer was, as long as the makeup is oil free/water based and non comedogenic then its fine. If yu want a really good concealer i suggest you try Dermablend - it covers everything and i mean everything. They do a foundation aswell but i havent tried it, i can only vouch for the concealer, i wouldnt be without it!!!
  13. HAHAHA... 'you are no match for accutane silly oil glands' I thought it only fair to let you know i shall be stealing this line when i look in the mirror and i shall be saying it in the manner of a batman type villain!! haha Im only on day 7 but have been following your progress for a while to gage what im in for and i hope my results get as good as yours seem to be!!! Keep posting!!
  14. Hi... I have mild acne and i've also been prescribed 20mg. The reason i got the lower dose is because i was so worried about an initial breakout and the derm said a lower dose may help with that (although i don't think you can really prevent it?). From what i gather the dosage will get upped as the months go by like an accumulator.
  15. Helllooo..... In my opinion for (for what its worth) haha.... there's 3 things to ask yourself in order to help you decide. 1) Is your acne severe? 2) Or, regardless of severity, have you tried all antibiotics and topicals available and had NO results? 3) Does the state of your skin cause you distress emotionally and socially? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then i think accutane is the way forward! The only apprehention i'd have is your age. As someone pointed out ear