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  1. I swear by studio fix, it goes on a little dry but after 10 mins it goes like a cremy effect and stays all day. i have the tech but only really wear that if im going out but i dont find it stays aswell as the fix
  2. I used it for the best part of a year and the same thing with me i loved it as 1st but then my skin got dependant on it and now im more oily than ever and i wish i had never used it. On the other hand though my cousin uses it and has done for over a year and his skin has never been clearer, he doesnt use the toner just the cleanser and repair lotion he is 15.
  3. kelly, it is an endicrinologist that is prescribing it to me, my own gp couldnt prescibe it as you have to have alot of tests done b4 you can have it, im just waiting to see if im ok to have it as i have a high hormone inbalabce and thats why i get the acne around my jaw
  4. studio tech is a heavier foundation almost like creme not powder and it is a much heavier look. i use the fix and the tech but not at the same time i use the tech if im going out clubbing but the fix for the day time. so if you dont want to look like you have a lot of makeup on then id stick to fix
  5. i went to see an Endocrinologist as i have a hormone inbalance and thats whats been causing my acne for the past 10 years and i never knew. I have had all the bloodwork done to see if i can have spiro. I was just wondering is it cheaper to buy it off the internet than to get a prescription as i dont have a medical plan and if so can anyone recomend a site to buy from thats recomended?
  6. You dont have to feel like this, there are so many different medications out there. I used the proactive and wasnt impressed by it either. i think you need to speak to tyour doctor about this or maybe a dermatoligist. it seems like you need some antibiotics but just remember your not alone there is so many of us out there. I have had acne for 10 years and im just getting to the bottom of the reasonand its because i have a hoemone inbalance but its taken so long to get to the bottom of it so the
  7. Hi all, i have been very interested to read all your replys on this topic. i have had acne for 10 years im am 25 and have been given all the antibiotics under the sun apart from accutane. I am initially from the uk but moved to canada a year ago and i saw one dr here who advised me to have blood tests as it was prob my hormone and one of them came back with a count of 12 when it should be 2 so i have a hormone inbalance and have been refered to a specialist who im waiting to see. I am happy that
  8. my advice is a skin lightner from YSL it is called touche eclat and its amazing, quite procey but it lasts ages and the bags you wont even see them it lightens the area naturally
  9. They have it in holt renfrew in yourdale mall too. i saw the counter there the other day
  10. i use there studio fix and i love it, it keeps me oil free for about 4 hours then i just have to blot over it later in the day but i am considerably oily so for some it might last longer than 4 hours. i never break out with it though
  11. I love MAC its the best makeup i have ever came accross and it doesnt make me breakout, i love the brushes and everything, even though its a little bit more expensive than cover girl its worth it. I love the studio fix the best which is like 2 in 1 and they have so many diff colors that there will be one to suit everyone. the studio tech is good for more of a coverage like for a party or a night out but fix is the best for daytime.
  12. when i get a real tan im the same it evens out my skin tone but it didnt with the mystic tan.
  13. this isnt the best thing for acne. i tried it and where my scars and marks on my face are it went really dark when i had the tan. it emphasises the scaring but i suppose everyone is different i have alot of scars.
  14. I love this 2, i have used it for about 2 years but one lasts quite along time. you get in from the Yves Saint Lauren cosmetic counters. if your in the UK all the stores like debenhams have one or house of fraiser.