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  1. lol, for me it would prob be.... hmm... freakshow. definitely. It just makes me want to dance!

  2. Man thats too hard! I'll give you a list, lol. Thats Where You Take Me, Anticipating, When I Found You, Touch Of My Hand, Don't Hang Up, Freakshow, Piece of Me, Over To You Now, Outta This World.. phew! What about you lol

  3. hmm... my fav was probably blackout, lol. what's your fav song of hers?

  4. I guess I'd have to say Blackout. But In The Zone is alot more diverse, and Britney (self-titled album) is really good too. But yeah Blackout. What about you? :D

  5. yeah, I luv all of her albums :) which one is your fav?

  6. LOVES her. Not a big fan of the Circus album, but love Blackout & In The Zone. =] Do you like those?

  7. thanx! actually I do, i love her new album! Do u like her?

  8. Thanks! I like yours too hehe. Do you like Britney? :)

  9. lol, i like your username!

  10. Gold Bond, Gold Bond, Gold Bond! (edited, I thought Baby Powder and Gold Bond were the same thing =/ stupid me) My back had been breaking out for the past few months out of nowhere. I never had body acne in my life, only facial acne so it was quite surprising! As you can see its pretty much cleared up minus a few moderate sized ones. And alot of those bumps on my back are actually moles, so be sure to decipher between the two! Hehe. I use the normal Gold Bond Body Powder. the zinc in it heal
  11. also, I'm trying your moisturizing theory. A few months ago I was applying heavy duty moisturizer all over my face for like, 2 months and I didn't get ONE bump. Up until now I wasn't exactly sure what had kept my skin absolutely clear for that period of time. But now that I'm looking back I remembered slathering my face with huge amounts of moisturizer and not breaking out even with a microbump during that time. So thanks for that thread! It reminded me of what I need to do. That moisturizer sou
  12. Oh ok My friend's mother who is now 60 years old has used a kitchen scrub as an exfoliator since she was like 13 years old and her skin is FLAWLESS. She has no lines, no wrinkles, no marks, no pores. Just soft, glowing smooth skin. *sigh* Okay, I'll try to be more gentle and we'll see how it goes. Thanks guys!!!
  13. I'm doing the Dan's regimen and it has worked really well actually. My forehead is very dry and I've only gotten one pimple in the past 4 days. And the active ones I did have quickly disintegrated after applying the benzoyl peroxide. The only problem I have with the regimen is... I love to exfoliate my face. I use a kitchen scrub cloth to really exfoliate my face hard. It's my thing! Anyway, I just don't see why that would be a negative to do in the regimen. I don't see how exfoliating your fa