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  1. Well this thread is only being viewed by the same few people everyday. I tried my best to bump this thread and promote it. I know exactly how alot of acne sufferers think, and gentle isnt of them. Well, you can look at my past, ive had a hell of a run with acne. I had some battle and tried every reg, woke up mornings looked in the mirror then just crawed back to bed becuase i was so upset. One day, hopeful soon, many of you acne sufferers, will get so fed up youll drop your products, and you see
  2. ha ok, knew commenting here would be a problem.Everyone says the same thing, SCRUB EVERYDAY!!!111111omggggg. Well if you go real gentle, theres 0 irratation, but dont listen to me, im 100% clear. Good luck using salts and vinegar to clear your acne. When your frustrated with your reg, stop by christinem's, id love to help you.
  3. this reg is horrible, sorry to break it to you. Ill never understand people with acne.... o wait, i used to be the same way! Trying these crazy ass regimens, always hoping itl work. You have to be gentle with your skin!!Search for christineM regimen, youll save yourself alot fo trouble. I didnt mea to be rude, but i just want to get into peoples heads, i you to pay attention to what im saying, you dont need to dry your skin off with salt pads to cure acne, no one has ever gotten rid of acne wi
  4. yeah keep it up, these posts are hilarious. i cant get enough, !!!!!!!!! yeah wahooooo.good luck, keep the reg going, itll pay off.
  5. Well said... Ummm...sorry this is a lame excuse to bump this thread. Any day now this reg is going catch on fire, someones bound to stop thier drying, harming, annyoing bp caking, 4 ultra tea tree oil super wash regimens and jump on board this great healthy one. I know it, i know its going to save some of you out there. You just dont trust me yet, vut ill be here for you, waiting, until you believe and join this reg. Im here waiting and bumping, waiting and bumping.
  6. Actually if you read the main site, and THE CHECKLIST, your supposed to wait 5-15 minutes before applying bop, then another 5-15 before moisturerizer. I dont even do the reg and i know about this...?
  7. Incase anyone cares.. Ive changed my reg a little bit. I recently ran out of neutrogena extra gentle cleanser, so i went into my reserves and im going with alpha hydrox foaming cleanser. _________________________________________________ Morning: Alpha Hydrox cleanser Oil Of Olay COMPLETE sensitive - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Night: Alpha Hydrox St.Ives Apricot Scrub ( use reaaaaalll gently) Oil Of Olay COMPLETE sensitive ____
  8. Damn...I think your the funniest poster ive ever seen. Keep posting because i love the way you write, plus im curious about the water only reg. Good luck!
  9. nice informative post. Plenty of us care, keep us updated,and GOOD LUCK!
  10. thanks for posting and congratulations!!! Your reg seems perfect. I hope more people give this a shot. Ill look into the aloe vera advice myself, thanks.