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  1. I went to Norway twice! It's a very beautiful, clean and cold place.

  2. Hey. How have you been?

  3. I don't know about normal, but I just finished a 16 week-course, and I only cleared up in the last three weeks or so. You should wait it out and see what happens. Maybe your derm will prolong your course if you're not happy with the results when you finish. Good luck anyways!
  4. You know you can have beer made from maize, like Sol or Corona?
  5. Hey, just wanted to wish you good luck with the Iso. I just finished a 16 week course a couple of days ago, and I'm clear, just waiting for some redmarks to fade completely. Sounds like you have things under control, keep controlling those picking urges, and I'm sure you'll have amazing results by the time you're done!
  6. The reason I have leftover pills is that a couple of times my pharmacy didn't have three boxes of 30 pills (I take 3x20 mg/day), so they gave my boxes of 100 instead. Which isn't exactly legal, but that's really their responsibility. Jack4740: I didn't have any serious side effects, just dry lips and dry face. Both very controllable. Also, my hair never gets greasy, but I count that as a positive. I started noticing them after a week or so. Actually, it was worse in the beginning, I w
  7. So, I'm done with Accutane, and I'm clear. I have some red marks, but they're fading, and I haven't had anything appear on my face for about a month now. I've been on 60 mg/day for four months, and Friday was my last day. However, I have a ten days worth of pills left, and I can't decide whether to take them or not. I would love to be done with it and not have my lips chapped all the time, and to be able to be in the sun since summer is just starting. At the same time I'm thinking about how th
  8. Hello! How have you been??

  9. I work at a nursing home, so I use hand sanitizer all the time, and it gives me eczema too. Be sure to moisturize well.
  10. I'd say a 3, too. Is your acne very persistent? If I saw you I would probably think you just had your regular, teenage acne and still had time to grow out of it. Don't know your age, though.
  11. Thank you, that's so sweet of you. :) I'm pretty much clear know, just waiting for a few red marks to fade... Good luck to you!

  12. hey i was lookin at your pictures..you are really pretty, and i hope everything is cleared up or atleast gettin better..have faith girl

  13. I absolutely love brazilians. I don't think it's nearly as painful as a lot of people seem to think, and I hate shaving. The itch, the bumps, the stubs, yuck. I can't wait to get of Accutane so I can wax again! Also, I can't wait to go back to Latin-America, were it costs approximately nothing to have it done...
  14. It has nothing to do with the percentage of fat. A lot of people with lactose intolerance find that they can cope with cultured products such as yogurt, which is logical, seeing as they're lower in lactose. Firm cheese like cheddar is also good. Oh, actually, indirectly it does have something to do with the percentage of fat. Cream has no lactose, just fat, for example.
  15. I don't eat meat, but if I did, I would definitely not eat the organs through which all the toxins in your body get filtered.