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  1. Thanks for your concern... I only rarely have headaches now so it should be ok Time for update... Day 42 (I think ) No acne, no blackheads well, actually I might have a few small ones (blackheads) on the tip of my nose but im not gonna touch them. The cyst I had when I started the tane left a red mark the has devided into 4 small ones I think they are gonna take a long time to dissapear because they look really deep under the skin. Another big red mark at ny chin but its gonna fade
  2. OMG!! This is soo hard to believe...How can your topic be " Smoking and Accutane?, Is this healthy" F.Y.I, SMOKING while going to the gym 4 days a week, eating the most healthiest foods Dr. atkins could ever conceive, drinking water Excessively, and worshipping whoever brings you joy IS STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL BAD FOR YOU. So wudda you think about doing it while on a drug that's fuckin ur liver anyhow?!?! LOL, more bad news dude, a Howard University Study Shows that EVEN NON-CHAIN SMOKERS are h
  3. Day 25 Bad news: Got a whitehead on my chin and a "minor" cyst at my jaw but it dosen't hurt, thank god. Still hate my uneven skintone and stupid scars. When I shower in the morning my skin peels off and I get really red and it takes a few hours to calm down I think I look best in the morning but it could be because my eyes is more blurry and I dont see colors as good as later in the day Good news: Most of the blackheads on my nose has vanished Still some left but I think they will
  4. Thx for the info... really appreciate it Is it not a bad idea to consume more vitamin A? It said in my panflet that came with roacutane, that I should stay away from food as liver and other stuff with high amount of vitamin A. ←
  5. Day 20 Think my skin is getting better although I have some poor lighting in my appartment that might be fooling me (the kind that doesen't show the skin in details, so I dont really know how I look when im out in the public and that really bothers me ). Haven't had any breakouts but I have like 17382932 blackheads My skin feels like sandpaper. Its worst at the nose and under my eyes. I really hope they go away soon... My eyes is very dry due to lack of sleep and my face is kinda re
  6. Day 14 Ill just do a small update. Its nice to only have dry skin and not both dry and oily skin The oil is somewhat reduced. I got a small cyst (I think) at the lip.. Ouch It hurts a bit Other than that im looking fairly good today I think. I do have thousands of blackheads I really hope they go away because I really hate them although they are not to visible. Sideeffects is still dry skin (not to bad), dry lips and I have a hard time looking people in the eyes when I haven't had
  7. A little info to start with... Male 22 years old Weight: 65 kg Mild to moderate acne I think (cystic acne the hurts ALOT). Never been told by a doc, so im really just guessing.. Acne started at the age of 18 I think... Roacutane dose = 40 mg a day (taking both pills at the same time) for 6 months Other acne medication I tried: Tetracycline, Redap, BP regime Tetracycline cleared up the cysts for a while and recently they started to reappear, although they didn’t hurt as much as befo
  8. Thx for your advice... I got my hand on some of this translucent powder yesterday and used it after I moisterized and it really helps getting rid of this sticky feeling. It feels like my skin got dry again but without being flaky (except a little on the nose ) And after I brush it off you cant really see any changes... Will the blotting papers do the same job as (translucent) powder?
  9. Hello guys & girls Im a 22 year old guy. Currently on accutane and my skin is really red right now and it looks kinda stupid. I also have red marks and some minor pigment problems at the moment. I do not really have any active acne right now. I really dont want to use makup, but when I use Moisturizer I get so shiny (specially my nose), so I was wondering if I could use some powder, so I dont look so shiny? (How long does powder last?) I have tried an anti-shine Moisturizer but it dosent
  10. what Eucerin lotion should I use? Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion or Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion Im very confused about that. I ordered "Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion" from shopinprivate but it clumbs up badly with the "Neutrogena On-the-Spot cream", so I despretly need another lotion. Is it possible to use the lotion Before using the "Neutrogena On-the-Spot cream"?