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  1. "cookie mistress"! have you overcome the desire to eat cookies?...lol I agree with you for me skin sugar is the devil I wish I didnt like it so much though.

    1. Hi y'all Early last year I had a thread on here detailing my diet. I was trying to eat healthier and identify what foods might affect my skin. I disappeared after a while, skin and diet slightly better but still a bit unhappy with it. Thought I'd drop back in now though as my skin has been pretty good lately, and I am quite certain that I know some definite triggers. I thought it might help some of you guys identify triggers in your own diets. Dairy (chocolate ), nuts, seeds, bananas and or
    2. Will do! Thanks for your ongoing support n_p I forgot to add that tomatoes are also on the “eat rarely” list. I made delicious chilli for lunch today but I can see little red spots cropping up. I’m going out for Italian tomorrow night and will want to avoid both creamy and tomato sauces. Could be a bit of a challenge! I did BP years ago. Made my skin really red, did not give a long-lasting result, and bleached all my bedding. Not for me. But if it works for you then go ahead and eat
    3. Yay, I'm so happy for your good results, keep up the good work!
    4. Manuka honey has antibacterial properties, so I would say you should put it straight on your skin...why don't you try it and let us know?
    5. Howdy peeps! I had to try and reduce the interwebbing for a while - I'm at uni and have had to try and use the laptop for schoolwork rather than pursuing my own interests. Ha ha, yeah... I wanted to pop in and say that after weeks of trying to stick to a diet of sorts, I do appear to be having some success. Skin redness is way down, and new spots only seem to crop up if I've been really naughty (like the day I had a huge but delicious ice cream and a big bag of M&Ms - got what I deserved re
    6. I've just seen your log so thought I'd drop in to say hi. If only I ate what you do I wouldn't have 5kg to lose! Well done for cutting down on your coffee. I'm down to one in the morning and now have 7 different types of tea to drink when I want a hot drink (which may be every hour if I have an important assignment to do). I'm with you on the whole thinking about the quality/health of the food you eat. I've been reading some pretty grim books on the state of our food (Felicity Lawrence for th
    7. Righto, thought I should check in and let you know how I'm getting on. Breakfast all week has been 1/4c rolled oats cooked in 1/2c soy or oat milk and 1/4c water, with 1T milled linseed/flaxseed added after heating (apparently you're not supposed to cook linseed as it does something funky to the fats?!?) along with 1T coconut or sultanas. Except this morning I wanted cold cereal so I had a cup of Bran Flakes with some sultanas and rice milk. Lunch has mostly been peanut butter or egg and avoca
    8. I've decided to tweak my diet somewhat, and I'm also going to stop posting what I eat every single day, because I think it's getting a bit tedious! Breakfast Will be 1/3c rolled oats with 1dsp linseed (flaxseed - for the omega-3 we apparently need) plus cinnamon, 1T of sultanas or coconut or if not 1/2t sweetener eg maple syrup. Made with 1/2c rice/oat/soy milk and water. Snacks I am reducing my trail mix to 2 brazil nuts, 4 almonds, 2 dried apricots and 1t sunflower seeds. I am not necessari
    9. I haven't been on here a while for a few reasons. I really need to cut down on my internet usage as late nights on the laptop aren't helping me get to sleep. Plus I really should be concentrating on research for uni rather than acne and diet/exercise/PCOS! I am going to post a couple more food diary entries then outline my revised diet strategy. Day 13 Breakfast 1/3c porridge oats with just under 1c soy milk and 1t maple syrup; coffee Lunch Wholemeal pasta with sardines and olives; apple; cof
    10. Sometimes it really helps to share the burden and realise that you are not alone in your suffering! It sounds like you have a lovely wee family, and I think you should concentrate on all the wonderful things in your life, rather than worrying about the evil acne beast. Easier said than done, I know, but each time you turn negative thoughts into positive ones, a little piece of the beast dies. ps. I love john1234 :wub:
    11. Just a point about exercise in the evening. Research has shown that body temp can take up to 6 hours to return to normal after a high intensity workout. So if you plan to be cool enough to sleep by 11pm you'll want your workout to be finished by 5pm. If you're not working at 80% of max HR then I guess you can work out a little later. I think the aetiology of acne is so complex that we will be lucky to get to the bottom of it in the next 10 years. I know that's a rather pessimistic attitude, but
    12. Hi natural_path. I was just re-reading your blog. A couple of weeks ago you wondered if bananas were affecting your skin. My skin is quite bad this week, and 3 things I have eaten this week that I didn't have last week are bananas, grapes and tomatoes. I won't waste food so I have 2 tomatoes still to eat, but I am going to avoid these next week. I have pretty much eaten at least 5-7 bananas a week for the last 10 years except for a period of 2-3 years when I suddenly developed an intolerance and
    13. Day 12 Breakfast 1/3c porridge oats with 1/2c soy milk, 1/2c water, 1T coconut, sprinkle flaked almonds and 1t strawb jam; coffee (this is my pre-gym breakfast, however I didn’t gym this morning…) Snack Homemade muesli bar (low sugar, lots of oats and dried fruit and nuts) Lunch 3 slices PB and banana on wholemeal toast; small coffee Snack Another small slice of muesli bar; handful grapes; peppermint tea Gym (cardio) Dinner Puy lentils cooked in stock with carrot, onion and mushrooms.
    14. As a teenager a lot of my acne was on my forehead and on my shoulders. Then I had deep cysts on my jawline which disappeared when I gave up dairy aged 22. Now I never get acne on my forehead but I do get it on my cheeks, along with smaller spots right on the edge of my jawbone.