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  1. I want to give it a go. What side effects did you experience through accutane? Does accutane gradually not work as much as the beginning? Did your skin swell much? Did you feel more tired? Are there better treatments than accutane? How did you feel after your acne went away?
  2. Firstly i'de like to say that there are some kind contributors here. This website has many people who know heaps about acne and who have been really helpful to me. I guess i dont want to give up, i just feel that way. The wedding was alright. In the end it turns out i did not do a speech. I just got the photos back and I look like a monster. My chin is'nt so bad, but my cheeks and forhead look absolutely disgusting. I have been tagged evrywhere. My family members who were not at the wedding wil
  3. I had it all under control about 5 monthys ago. But now my scars are absolutely horrible. My acne has come back again, and my candida has reappeared. I've tried just about everything there is to be tried, but I still have severe acne. I just want to be myself and not worry about acne ever again. If I was stuck on an island by myself I would not worry about acne. It's the society and people around me that makes me self-concious. I just cant take it anymore. I have hardly any friends. I never soc
  4. Apart from acne, are there any of you who generally feel uncomfortable with your behavioural, physical, emotional or mental well-being. You just feel as if there is something wrong/bad/uncomfortable deep within you, but you can't explain it or you can't find the cause. Perhaps you hardly realise it because you've been living like this for such a long time.
  5. My acne has returned slightly. So I am going to try a whole new treatment. I will keep you all informed. I am going to visit 2 different therapists who deal with emotional sub-concious hypnosis. I was reading this article wich explained about blocked emotions wich may exist in many of us. These emotions are found deep inside the sub-concious mind. When there is an emotional blockage the central nervous system does not work properly which affects some of our organs. I know for sure that acne is
  6. In my personal experience, I noticed that exercising increases acne altogether. I also found that whey and soy protein increase acne as well. Vegetable protein is the best I could find. I never get an increase in my acne with this type of powder. For me, any dairy product will increase my acne.
  7. Having a beard makes me ugly, but having scars or acne makes me just as ugly; probably more. It's a shame it has to be like that.
  8. Very mild - small blemishes; which is proof of low inflamation. Out of 10, i'd give a 2.
  9. How long did your scars appear after being acne free?
  10. In the begining I felt a bit blue, but I stood up and took a different perspective. Acne is a problem - not a difficulty; that's why we suffer so much from it. Acne can only be a problem for you if it affects you emotionally. You never chose to have acne. It's not your fault. Don't give up and try your best. It's emotionally painfull to live with acne. Don't take it personally. Don't let your inner wounding be affected by other people's insults. Don't feel jealous about others perfect skin. S
  11. I CURED ACNE VERY QUICKLY!!! I have suffered from cystic acne for many years, however, I cured it in 1 week. 3 months have past and I still have no acne, my blemishes are almost invisible. Heres how you can do it: fasting, hydrotherapy, cleanse, detox and diet. Before the fast, I was on my healthy diet: vegetables, salmon, rice and low-acidic fruits. No dairy, gluten nor high glycemic/sugary/fatty foods. I did a 6-day water fast; 5 litres of water per day and no solid food - not even fruit
  12. I'm probably right or wrong - but help me out - explain to me your knowledge. After heaps of research, I found out that acne is caused by brain-gut dysfunction and digestive disorders - this is due to problems in our western society with modern lifestyle. In my oppinion, cleansing and detoxifying is the best solution? I would like to see if my theory is correct. I found this out because water (HEAPS of water) fasting for 5 days completely cured acne for me. In brief description: the large and
  13. Hi, I'm new here, it’s my first post. I never knew such a large community would focus on acne! I've had acne in the last 3 years. The first 2 years were moderate - probably severe. In the last year, it's only been mild - that's because I’ve been on a diet and I have not even put a gram of cleanser on my skin. The information I talk about is not fact, it is what I believe. Mentally and emotionally I'm fine about my acne - I socialise heaps. Many sufferers seem to have severe emotional and so