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  1. Those bumps could be from shaving your arms. I shaved my legs and got some bumps on them. Do they have hairs in them or are they like acne? Do they itch? I sugar my legs now and I have no more problems with that.
  2. I know how you feel. I just gave up going swimming altogether and it's been nearly ten years. I'm just too ugly. I have scars from my forearms to my stomach, chest, back, shoulders. I'm white and I have freckles. My scars are so bad I look like I have negative freckles because the scars are so numerous. The only way people don't notice them is when I have a sunburn. I use AHA but it increases sensitivity to the sun. I've noticed they have faded a little but I'd rather have something that give
  3. I have the exact opposite problem. BCP makes my skin so much worse! I got fed up of paying for my pills and saved $50 a month by not taking them. My skin starting clearing up and I wasn't on Dan's regimen yet either. I also took the BCP to keep my endometriosis from spreading, after surgery to remove the tissue I went off of it. BCP is expensive but the shots, rings and patches are way too expensive. I thought it might be better to try an alternative but there isn't any unless you have heal
  4. DON'T use accutane! Make sure you don't have a skin infection first! You'll be putting your body through hell unnecessarily otherwise. My face looks pretty good now but I have folliculitis. I can't afford a doctor so I'm trying OTC treatments. Accutane just isn't worth in and can do far more harm than good. I have scars all over because of the $#@!$ worthless dermatologists! Make sure you aren't suffering from a skin infection first please! I wish you the best of luck and let us know how you
  5. The regimen has helped but I have lingering "zits" that are from folliculitis. Is there any way to really clear up this crap? I can't go to a doctor - they're useless and too expensive. I've got horrible scars because doctors thought they were treating acne and nothing was working. In fact they made it much worse. Right now I have lingering problems on my chest, back, shoulders and on my forearms. The forearms are the worst and it's driving me nuts! How do I clear it up? HOW?! I've been us
  6. I would wait and see how the AHA goes. The cleanser and BP helped with most of my black heads but the AHA seems to be killing any survivors. It helps shed skin cells as I understand it. The regimen is working for me but you have to be patient. It's hard to do but hang in there!
  7. I'm glad the regimen is working for you! I've been using the AHA and it's making my blackheads disappear. I don't know if that is what it is supposed to do or not but I love it! The first few times you use it that AHA stings like no other! I would dare venture to say that my skin is 95% clear right now! The acne I do have is no big deal but my folliculitis is driving me nuts! My forearms just won't clear up.
  8. I see your problem. I was on Accutane and my skin was REALLY oily and pretty similar to yours. I would wash, put on makeup, and repeat to take the makeup off. I went through hell in high school and was on all kinds of treatments for years before my dermatologist finally put me on Accutane. I recently found out I was suffering from folliculitis - not horrible acne. I will say this though. My skin isn't oily anymore and you have obviously been trying everything OTC under the sun. My skin is now
  9. I HAD a ton of black heads and started Dan's regimen about three weeks ago. I haven't broken out in any cysts or nodules in about a week and a half. My black heads have been noticeably diminished but they aren't gone yet. They are also easier to squeeze (when they're ready of course) and much much smaller in size. I don't wear makeup and I use the cleanser, 2.5% BP, and put jojoba oil in my Cetaphil moisterizer. I haven't used the AHA yet, I'll do that over Spring Break but I have had a really g
  10. I've had acne (and found out that most of it was really folliculitis) for at least 14 years. I have noticed that I can no longer tolerate dairy products. I drink Lactaid but even that tears up my stomach. I've never been able to eat yogurt. I can sometimes eat icecream - only if it's all natural and doesn't have processed ingredients. What weirds me out is that I used to be able to drink regular milk, eat cheese all the time, etc. Now I feel like I'm going to die if I eat a bowl of cereal, I d
  11. LionQueen I'm trying to find the mandelic acid at the Garden of Wisom website and can't find it. Have they stopped selling it? I have folliculitis and pores that have black heads. Did you try the AHA from Dan's regimen or was that too harsh for your face? My skin is dry and sensitive anyway but I'm able to tolerate the BP 2.5% pretty well and I add jojoba oil to my Cetaphil moisturizer. It works perfectly. I just can't seem to get rid of those stubborn black heads and I'm worried the AHA from
  12. Actually PF can have white stuff or yellow gunk and looks very close to acne. I've got it and it's even on my forearms, upper arms, shoulders, chest, back AND FACE. It usually spreads on the trunk of the body but there is more than one type and it can look like painful red nodules, cysts, or tiny whiteheads. For me the red flag was all the itching! I wanted to skin myself alive just to get some relief! Also if you are put on antibiotics by a stupid dermatologist and your skin gets much wor
  13. What is TTC? I think going through Accutane is bad enough. Why get pregnant? It completely destroys your skin and stretches it out.
  14. Are they 100% sure you don't have some form of folliculitis or Seborrheic Dermatitis? Do you itch at all? If they're being such jerks then I would go to a different dermatologist. I refuse to see one anymore because they put me on on anitibiotics for years, Accutane and my skin got worse. It got better when I stopped taking BC, researching my symptoms online and testing new cleansers. My skin is actually starting to look better now much to my surprise. What is your skin care regimen? Have yo