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  1. You're very courageous!

  2. So the main reason the course failed is because it was interrupted midway? Dang the medical officer. I hope I improve further, but the problem is those cysts take forever to subside, if at all. Otherwise it's fine. But it's still painful and unsightly.
  3. I've been on Oratane for 8 months now, 40mg a day. Initially my acne did clear up somewhat, I was very happy with the results. Then one month into my course I had to stop temporarily for a month because of army training(conscription is practised here in Singapore) and then my condition backslid. When I went back on the course my condition never returned to the level before I stopped. Sure, it improved to a certain extent-it was definitely better than before I went on Tane-but then it stopped the
  4. i started going on accutane in june-though i had to disrupt it for one month from late july-august due to certain reasons-but i'm still getting cysts. a huge one by my left ear and under and on my ear lobes. it's really painful, not to say unsightly. isn't a normal course of tane supposed to be for 6 months? my acne has been much better, that's for sure, but i'm worried it won't produce good enough results. is such an effect normal?
  5. i just got Fruit of the Earth's Skin-cooling Aloe vera lotion, but i'm suspecting it's not the correct product that's recommended here...but i dunno where to get it here in Singapore!
  6. I know periodic liver/blood tests will be done on the patient as a safeguard. But could it be that irreversible damage-whether slight or serious-might be done before the derm detects it? Then stopping the treatment would not undo the harm done.
  7. I am thinking of going on tane. I have seen many people saying the side effects are mainly dry lips and skin, but i've done research and i know that there's a possibility of permanent damage to the liver. This is my main concern. I was just wondering if these people might not know the damage that's already been done to their liver and might only discover it many yrs down the road? What's the percentage of people who go on tane who get their liver/organs damaged? I know the drug is bound to affec
  8. i've thought of going on accutane...but the risks seem too much. all the side effects and how it might ruin your liver...is accutane the only solution? i believe i should restrict myself from all toxic foods and see whether it helps.
  9. BP is all very well for treating normal pustular acne, but it's no use at all for cystic acne. how do i know that? because i get cysts all the time. my acne is all about cysts. the moment one goes down, another one pops up. currently i have a huge one smack in the middle of my eyes, another one beside my right eye, and then there's the one above my left eye, between my brow and eyelid, and what about the one behind my left ear...and lots of other smaller ones. you know those painful,bulbous prot
  10. i'm in singapore, what are the brands available here and where can i find aloe vera gel? i've been plagued by red marks since forever...
  11. if they say drink water then you'd do well to follow tt advice...substituting with coke might mess up the osmotic potentials in your body such as to decrease the effectiveness of the medicine. anyway coke is evil
  12. Can I clear this up once and for all? I've read so much in this forum about wheat gluten/dairy products/refined sugar contributing towards or worsening acne, but how do these 3 classes of food actually do it? What is the fundamental biological/hormonal rationale? What is the evidence for it(what studies have been done) and how conclusive are they?) These are the questions I hope to have answered. I do watch my diet, but I like to know why I'm doing it, that's all
  13. I understand that omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing inflammation; so do they also help in reducing redness of the skin from acne? or is inflammation of the joints different from inflammation of the skin?...
  14. oh noo...i depend on my moisturiser to soothe my irritated face after applying bp, and also to control oil...but now you're telling me it's not good? what am i to do?
  15. hmm...the GL index shows certain foods i normally avoid due to high GI to be not that bad after all...like watermelon. can i ask how come some of the GL are missing for certain foods? and how come ice-cream has lower values than i expected? i mean, even after converting to GL, i would expect ice-cream to have high values, but that doesn't seem to be the case.