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  1. well its ben almost 2 months now, and the first week everything was looking so great, then a little while after i got so sick i couldn't keep up with the regimen, but ever since then iam not having any great results, also i noticed that the larger pimples kinda turn hard but smooth and hang around for a long while, like there is no way of pooping them as if they were left alone, have you noticed this ?
  2. i dont notice any smell, although i do notice a slight tangy smelly to the AHA?
  3. well when my shipment came the moisturizer was dinted. but it popped back out after a while... lol
  4. so i ordered dans Salicylic Acid+ and used it and my face turned really red, i guess its working? the moisturizer make me a little red, but not like this, has anyone else used the Salicylic Acid+ and had the same thing happen?
  5. When i ordered UPS charged me a13 fee at my door they always do that...
  6. well iv only been using the regimen scince last friday, but i have definetly noticed a good difference, im verry excited for the coming weeks!
  7. actually when my shipment came in the mail, the moisturizer leaked onto everything, i lost a good amount, i had to white down everything... i was a little disappointed with that,
  8. The same is happening to me, i think its because i switched to the AHA as a moisturizer, i only did it once but today after the regimen my face is really burning and a little red and also itchy, hope this sensation fades soon,
  9. do i use it after the moisturizer? before the moisturizer and them use moisturizer? im really not sure how to work it in regimen... let me know Thanks!!