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    I'm currently stationed in Iraq with the Louisiana National Guard. I'm coming home VERY VERY soon and am so excited. I need to get on accutane to clear this acne problem of 6 years. AGH!<br /><br />I play piano, drums and sing. I am also a personal trainer on the civilian side of work and help people get in shape. I myself am looking to do body sculpting, not so much building. I'm a health freak and love everything about fitness and can help ANYONE with ANY goal they want to accomplish. Just ask!
  1. I haven't even taken my first course of accutane yet, but I wish you luck this second time around!
  2. No, I won't be redeployed for another 3 years or something like that. I should be set. Plus, I gotta finish gettin my degree! I'm a personal trainer right now, and aiming to get my B.S. in Exercise Science. Working out, another benefit to the body and a GREAT contributor to acne. GRR! I can't wait to get some Accutane. From what multiple people have told me, this thing is pretty much going to change my life. I don't even remember what it's like to wake up and get ready without staring at the m
  3. I have read that it's supposed to work better using them both. But i dunno, I guess I just needed some other opinions. And I know all about this cancer hype, I don't know if i'm sold on it though. Thanks for the help!
  4. I have two spots on my face, rather large and brown, due to an increase in melanin. I have a 2% hydroquinone and the AHA from acne.org So how would I use these two in conjuction to get rid of my hyperpigmentation? Is there anything else I can do? How long will it take these spots to fade? I will be on accutane here shortly after I return from my tour in Iraq. (29 DAYS!) Other than that, I think once this goes away, I'll feel better and more confident about myself. I have made a vow to quit
  5. Oh when I say redeploy, I mean I deploy to go HOME. I'm currently in Iraq right now, so I will be in the U.S. while on accutane. I really do hope it works like everyone says it does. I'm a bit anxious to finally have this gone for good. And i'm not sure about the marines, I'm in the Army-Spec Ops. None of the guys i'm with ever give me crap. I mean if they do, just brush it off. Mostly everyone gets acne wether we like it or not. But i understand what you mean. Thanks for all of the advice a
  6. Does anyone else have acne on their cheeks? I'm not talking about the ones that are surfacing the skin. I'm talking about the ones that are visible but so freakin deep in the pore that NOTHING affects it. Not even the AHA or any of that stuff. How do you get rid of it? I will be taking Tane once I get back from Iraq. (less than 30 days WOOT!) But still, i'm sure others have the same problem and just want to find a realistic solution. I've tried many medications, topical creams, facial masks
  7. I dunno about the whole "5 min" deal because i'm the EXACT same way. I do get inflammed acne every once in a blue moon, but for the most part. BLACKHEADS around the cheek area. And my face is the same. Whenever I moisturize it, it always looks bumpier and worse than if I put nothing on. Not only that, but it feels like it will clog my pores, even though it says it won't. Do you have big pores too?
  8. Yeah, that definitely blows. I dunno. My skin isn't really too oily, or that I notice at least. It was when I was first starting to get acne as a teen. But it doesn't look oily. I think it has to do with the oil inside my pores, as well as the SHAPE and SIZE of my pores. According to what i've read about accutane it will actually reduce the size of my pore about 50% and the oil production up to 85%. That sounds nice, and I can definitely see where the dry effect kicks in. I'm just so sick of
  9. HAHA. That's freakin AWESOME. I love the feeling when you get it out, except this time it will be FOR GOOD! (crossing fingers). Thanks for the heads up. And what can I expect to happen during accutane? Any advice and tips? Does it really get worse and then better? Thanks for the help! -Jay
  10. Hey everyone, My name is Jared, obviously, and i'm currently stationed in Iraq. I will be coming home within a month though! YESS! Now I have had acne since I was 14. Mainly just some blackheads in my cheek area and I have nodules and huge pus filled acne on my back. When I come home I will be able to go see a dermatologist and get on accutane, all paid for by the Army National Guard. Hell ya. So my question is, I have no fear that accutane will help the ridiculous acne on my back, but will i
  11. jared.ray

    In Iraq. Pre-Tane.

    Just a capture of me before a mission. Fun stuff. My face isn't bad in this, but you can't tell because they are blackheads. My back has all the acne. :(