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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. My appointment is in a week and I feel much better about it now that I'm armed with information. Going to the gyno as well (sigh...). As annoying as all the appointments are I feel like its worth it and will be a very positive move. Again, thanks for the reports, I have a good idea where I should fall now.
  2. Thanks wynne and pes! It helps to hear exact doses and experiences rather than just the mg per kg bullshit. I'll repost after my appointment and with the result. xoxo
  3. I'm about to go on Accutane and I'm a little concerned about my weight and dosage. My derm seems to be pretty heavy handed and didn't hesitate to suggest accutane for me. I have moderate but stubborn acne. I'm just wondering what other people around my weight range (115) suggest as far as managing side effects and how their experiences are overall w accutane... Anyone around my weight have really positive or negative experiences? and what does were you on thanks alot, trying to go in to my appo
  4. Hey Everyone! First off I want to say how great its been to be able to follow each of your experiences. Really provided good insight, and is much more relevant to my life than the convoluted dry scientific discussion of effects, side-effects etc. At my last derm appt my doctor mentioned that if my skin didn't improve on the current regimen (100mg minocycline, differin 0.3%) then we would make moves to start accutane at my next appointment. I've been reading the stories and experiences on here a