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  1. try rubbing alchol on the affected area 2x daily. cured my cystic acne
  2. I know this may seem counter-intuitive but after battling a combo of cystic acne and regular comedonal acne my mom told me to put rubbing alcohol on my face 2x a day. Ever since I havent had one deep cyst, and my face can tolerate salicylic acid wash then rubbing alcohol then BP. Before they would both cause me to break out in nasty cysts. Dont listen to those who say it will cause break-outs. Cystic acne is very different from comedonal acne I learned. So please anyone else who is struggling an
  3. Hi guys, Im a 20 year old male who has persistent mild acne for 7 years. It seemed every topical I tried would only slightly help the problem, and in some cases (Retin-A) broke me out worse and irritated my skin badly. For the past year Ive been using a combo of jojoba oil and bp. This worked well but never came close to solving the issue. I wanted to be near 100% clear. I noticed some things however: I had extremely oily skin, and my family has a history of excess testosterone (mom and aunt hav
  4. Hi guys I'm not sure 100% where to post this, but as it involves supplements I figured here would suffice. Im a 20 year old male who has persistent mild acne for 7 years. It seemed every topical I tried would only slightly help the problem, and in some cases (Retin-A) broke me out worse and irritated my skin badly. For the past year Ive been using a combo of jojoba oil and bp. This worked well but never came close to solving the issue. I wanted to be near 100% clear. I noticed some things howeve
  5. i got to say bad idea start with one let your face get used to it, then try introducing the other treatment, maybe something like SA wash everyday BP once every other night. You want to be gentle even if you dont think it will make a difference,
  6. my skin is same way if i dont pop it it will stay for 1-2 months. if i cant mess with it massaging it with a warm rag gently helps speed up the healing
  7. thats really odd, it should have the same effect. Try borage oil it contains more GLA
  8. I plan on rinsing my face with water and blotting with paper towels between classes. works for me
  9. all i can say is this stuff did it. 20 y/o male with teenage acne and this stuff has cleared me up. Still have oily skin but less blackheads so I dont care. Fish oil made me break out in cysts both times this stuff is amazing. no more bacne either. Im going to try borage oil next. Very odd about fish oil but I suppose my body has an intolerance to it. GLA in evening primrose is a powerful anti inflammatory and inhibits DHT so I reccomend people give it a chance. 3-4 pills a day
  10. since it was black it was probably a pool of blood under your skin. if the tissue was all dead it would definetly have left a scar.
  11. wow this sounds exactly like my situation. I also took fish oil and it broke me out in my chin/cheeks. I have been trying to research the cause and it may be due to: iodine in fish oil or fish oil has been theorized to increase testosterone which could throw your hormones off balance. Ive stopped using fish oil and the chin/cheek acne has subsided. I would say stay away from fish oil, try perhaps evening primrose or borage oil. Chin/cheek acne like that is mostly caused by hormonal inbalance.
  12. you guys dont know about whey protein. Its filtered so that it doesnt contain casein. Its only the whey which is a fast digesting protein. Milk breaks me out, whey protein does not. So i dont believe whey protein is an issue.
  13. Just saw this on a supplement website referring to fish oil. Warning: Do not use fish oil if you are allergic to iodine, are using blood thinners or anticipate surgery. Consult with your physician before taking fish oils if you are pregnant or diabetic. Keep out of the reach of children.
  14. taking finest naturals brand 4 capsules a day. 1400mg of omega 3. contains anchovies, sardines, sprat, clupea. It helped my overall acne but caused me to break out in cysts on my chin and cheeks. I stopped taking it 3 days ago, no more cysts so I know thats what caused it. Going to try another brand, maybe cod liver oil. For now ive been taking evening primrose and waiting to see what happens
  15. I started taking fish oil as I thought it would help my acne but its made it worse! Ive been breaking out in small deep cysts which are luckily not noticable but they hurt and I dont want them around. Ive been taking fish oil for over 2 weeks and the size and duration of the cysts has lessened but they are still forming. Milk is also a trigger for cysts for me so I was thinking the iodine in fish oil is breaking me out. so my question is, another else have a similar experience? and are there an
  16. Um I started taking Finest natural fish oil 2 weeks ago and have been breaking out in deep cystic acne ever since I dunno why but milk causes a similar reaction so maybe iodine? Im taking Finest naturals which has sardines, anchovies sprat clupea and soy. Ive read some other posts saying fish oil caused cysts. Im going to stop taking it and try another brand but Its unfortunate something that is supposed to help skin is making mine worse
  17. Ive seen no indicattion whey protein causes acne, and milk usually makes me break out
  18. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Patent-69...co-t242786.html found a patent for a zinc niacin combo thats supposedly very effective. check it out
  19. Came across this. Looks interesting As per the other boards topics on niacin. Perhaps a way to combine zinc and niacin? http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6979468/description.html The present invention provides an improved method and composition for the treatment of acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, bullous pemphigoid and other inflammatory skin conditions. The invention relates to the oral administration of a composition comprising a large dose of nicotinamide delivered at levels very substantiall
  20. Ive been using one for a few weeks now and its amazing. Its done an incredible job evening out my skin tone and helps fade red marks very quickly. After having a pimple I would have a purplish mark for up to a month or 2 afterwards. Now theyre gone in 2 weeks. Also makes my skin so smooth and prevents breakouts. Ive been very aggressive in using it tho, about 2 times a week. Just have to watch out and avoid overdoing it and irratating your skin.
  21. Yea I am too somewhat. Id assume if you exfoliated alot then they would probably heal on their own eventually. Ive been using a microdermabrasion cloth ($10) and its been awesome for my overall complexion and seems to be helping smooth out some of the small scars. You need to make a decision how i quickly you want it fixed. IMO if you have a few small ice picks its nothing to worry about. I doubt most people will notice and if they do they probably wouldn't care. But if its something you really
  22. If she says they are scars then for the sake of argument lets assume. Tca cross is helpful for icepicks I got a kit for 50 on ebay but havent used it yet. Same as this http://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.ph...p;products_id=9
  23. I know others say never pop, but I found if you dont the dam thing will never go away... Make sure its ready and pop it very gently. Then use neosporin. It is very unlikely you will scar if you do this unless you scar very easily.
  24. I had a similar issue and my only advice is its not an infection causing the pimples (well it is) but what I mean is what I found is they were caused by inflammation. Because your right it doesn't make sense for two pores on the opposite sides to get infected. Inflammation triggers are different for everyone so sadly I cant offer any more advice except not to be afraid to do some detective work on your skin
  25. Im 20 y/o male with persistently mild acne since puberty. 3 Days ago I stopped using BP and now just take 500mg Niacin (the flush kind) I've had 1 new pimple that was tiny and went away as soon as it came. Ive noticed a big difference already. This is definitely something to investigate. The flush is not that bad, my ears get alittle hot and itchy for 20 mins. Something I came across. "Nicotinamide has demonstrated anti-inflammatory actions which may be of benefit in patients with inflammatory