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  1. Astrobhoy- Yes, I've noticed a change in the BP about a year ago...please see my previous post. However, both C'est and Dan seem rather convinced that it's not the BP and the issue is something else in my routine that has changed. So, as requested by them, I went through my entire routine and the only thing I've changed is the exfoliation. I will be switching back to my old exfoliation to rule out or in its role.
  2. Other than using a much larger amount of BP in an attempt to control things the only change I've made is switching forms of exfoliation. I previously used St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Everyone always gasped in horror when I told them I used it and felt the need to tell me how horrible it was for my skin, so I made the switch to Dan's AHA. My game plan at this point is to switch back to the St. Ives for the next month to see if that doesn't clear things up. Hopefully that works! Otherwise I'm at
  3. I've used 2 batch numbers since noticing this issue. They are 9084 and 9341.
  4. I've noticed the smell/texture/less effective issue with the BP for roughly the last year. Up until about a year ago I would stay perfectly clear with about a finger's length of BP used once daily. I'm now up to 2 fingers used 2 times a day and still not completely clear. After reading through the faq I figured the smell/texture differences were normal and assumed the issue must be a change in my skin somehow. Now I'm wondering.
  5. I think Jilly meant to say "Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin" not "Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser". The sensitive skin version is clear in color and has the same ingredients as the Purpose cleanser. Neither contains triclosan.
  6. Purpose and Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Foaming Facial Cleanser have the same ingredients and I cannot tell a difference between the two other than scent. There are definitely a few differences between these two and Dan's. But, they are the most similar I've found that I can buy in stores. I can switch back and forth between the 3 with no issues.
  7. I use the regimen just once a day. It took about 3 months to clear completely with once a day use. I reduced the amount of BP to just once finger a night once I was clear and I'm staying clear. I've noticed that in my teens my acne never scared or left marks. Once I hit my mid to late 20's I started having marks left behind and light scarring. I think it came from my skin not being as young as it once was. I've been using BP on and off since my teens and never had any problems with it caus
  8. I don't feel Dan went above and beyond what should have done in this situation. But, I do feel he did exactly what should be done by someone who runs a good business.....and you don't run across that too often these days. Although I wasn't affected by this situation, the way you handled this situation has made me a life long customer....well, that and your great products! Keep up the great work.
  9. My guess would be that the burning is coming from the alcohol content in the toner. That would cause it to feel like you skin was burning if you had any open/picked at acne or even just dry and cracked skin.
  10. I hate to be the party pooper on this one, but I'm not a fan of LUSH. I do love how they smell and feel, but all the products I've tried from them have caused me breakouts. When I asked my dermatologist about the brand all she had to say was that people who are prone to breakouts should stay away from it (I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised by her statement after my experience with it).
  11. +1 to the Purpose. I prefer the liquid to the bar. But, if you need more lather than liquid provides the Purpose bar is a solid choice.
  12. I noticed this a while back as well. The store was out of the Purpose cleanser that I normally use. I needed to either buy something or not wash my face. So, I frantically decided I'd look through the ingredient lists of all the cleansers and buy the closest match. The Clean & Clear Sensitive won as it had the same exact ingredients in the same exact order. I've used both and can't say I notice a difference between the two other than smell. I prefer the smell of the Purpose. But, the
  13. I thought so. But really what I had done was accidently taken a pump from the moisturizer bottle and mistaken it for the BP. The bottles are very similar.....especially without my glasses on.
  14. I agree that washing your face once would be a good way to avoid irritation. But, Cetaphil probably isn't the way to go. When I used Cetaphil I noticed it didn't get all of my makeup off. If you're using Cetaphil to get rid of makeup are you sure it's not leaving any of it behind? Leftover makeup may be contributing to your problems.