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  1. If your skin can handle it, I would say use the 10%. If your skin is sensitive or dries out easily, use 2.5%. Most people on this website have sensitive skin so they'll probably tell you not to use the 10% at all.
  2. oh god! was there a vagina in one of those pictures??
  3. wow this is kinda embarassing because all of you eat so healthy, but i ate cookies, soda, noodles, tacos lol, cheez-its, and popcorn all day. and i'm not even over 100 pounds
  4. im too pale for black eyeshadow lol. i hate smokey eyes on me
  5. i use make up for ever's hd liquid foundation and i find that it has really good coverage and is very moisturizing. i've been using it for over a month and i haven't broken out at all. be sure to use a good concealer (i use mac's studio fix concealer) and a good setting powder (i use b.e. mineral veil)
  6. acv is so gross how can you stand to take it?
  7. i love michelle! yea, i would do this, generic kitty litter is just clay so go ahead and give it a try
  8. sleep more and cover them with a concealer a couple shades lighter than your natural skin tone
  9. i would love to try to diet to help out my skin, but i have such a fast metabolism that i have to eat all day
  10. i would never skip school because of acne, but i used to skip in middle school for severe "stomach" cramps i usually waited for the unimportant classes anyways lol
  11. I only had flakiness on the 3rd day i used this regimen and it went away on its own on the 5th day or so.
  12. since about two or three years ago, everytime i would wear sunscreen i would get little dots of dry skin with these weird looking bumps on them. its not acne, and its not red and it doesn't really feel like a rash or anything like that. it used to be that this only happened with certain types of sunscreen, but not i react to every kind of sunscreen. also, it happens more prominently if i put it on my face than any other part of my body. i used to be able to wear sun screen when i was little thou
  13. lol i have to clean my foundation brush every 3 or some odd days because i use liquid foundation and it sort of absorbs into the brush. sometimes i just use my fingers
  14. Personally, I like Make Up For Ever's HD foundation. It's a liquid foundation, but it's super light and it gives you a perfect flawless finish. The only downside to it is the cost, but you can't put a price tag on beauty lol. For concealer I use mac's studio fix concealer. The first time I used it I thought I was allergic to it, due to the spf (i'm allergic to sunscreen and i've been trying to figure out what in it specifically is causing the reaction) but it turned out to be something else haha