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  1. i would say any food that isn't a whole food. like pasta, bread, deli meats, fast food etc... anything that has been processed eat whole foods i.e. meat, eggs, apple, carrot, kale etc i would say dairy, but i don't think it is the most important thing to get rid of... well that is if you're eating raw dairy. otherwise, that needs to go too!
  2. hey lollypolly, do you buy organic produce?
  3. any processed or refined food, milk, yogurt, all cheese except goat, any gluten containing product, parsley ( i don't know why but it makes me cringe), raw tomatoes (i hate them by themselves but don't mind if they're mixed with other things) Kimchi, I agree, mayonnaise is whack!
  4. What would be considered the most ideal diet for most people (this is not about acne, but i would presume if you were eating an ideal diet you wouldn't have acne)? I've read about raw vegan diets, paleolithic diets, blood type diets, standard vegan and vegetarian diets, metabolic typing, and whole foods diets... I think that common sense and scientific fact would lead me to believe that we should be consuming meat as well as fruits and vegetables... I'm not so sure about grains. Though the blo
  5. I eat a healthy diet. No refined grains, little dairy (when i eat it it's either a little butter or goat cheese), high in veggies/fruit etc... I recently went to the doctor to get blood work done and I was tested for a few things. I found out my blood work was ok except I was low in vitamin d... I had my hormones checked also and the doctor said they were fine. Could the vitamin d issue be a partial cause of my acne/ body acne? I really hope so because these diet changes (i have been on this di
  6. It's unfortunate that food in general is currently quite expensive. I'm a big advocate of organic foods but when it comes to produce, some of the prices can be truly outrageous. I buy conventional produce that has a thick skin (avocados, etc) And usually conventional broccoli/asparagus. When it comes to fruit I think your best bet is to buy organic. I have this amazing produce market near where I live selling local, cheap produce in bulk, but most is not organic....I still wonder whether it's
  7. That sounds delicious!! I absolutely love raspberries and chocolate ... I can't wait to try this thanks so much for the information, I'm so excited to try green smoothies...It's such a good idea and a godsend for me because I loathe eating salads!
  8. Since I have mild hirsutism ( Or at least I think I do, maybe it just comes from my Eastern European/ Romani heritage ) AND acne... I was hoping some of you guys could help me figure out natural DHT blockers/ Testosterone reducers.. I know of Spearmint or Peppermint tea, and EFAs to balance hormones.. What about DIM? Is that more for people w/estrogen dominance/bad estrogen? I think on a DIM thread on these boards I read that it was DHT blocker... but the information I read seemed conflicted.
  9. ABGFairy-I was actually intending on trying green smoothies before you posted here! I read your thread on green smoothies (which was fantastic btw ) and was intending to try them! Do you have a suggestion as to what is the easiest/best smoothie for a beginner to make? tagalong- Ughh, I know how you feel, hang in there....I know I'm trying to.. it just sucks so much, especially having body acne and being a girl.. Good luck with your diet, I'm basically doing the same diet as you minus meat..
  10. What does it taste like? dark chocolate? Also are any of you able to tolerate like 65-70% dark chocolate? I'm afraid to eat it but I looooove dark chocolate so much
  11. I was taking 50mg of zinc for a while. I *think* it helped... during that time my skin was relatively clear but at that time I hadn't made any diet changes. It didn't help my body acne that much though. Now I'm not taking any supplements except fish oil and my skin on my face is probably just as clear as it was when I was taking the zinc. What I did noticed about the zinc was that it helped with inflammation/scarring. I think it made the pimples I did get to go away quicker/be less inflamed. I t
  12. Thanks so much to everyone who replied ...I feel a little better. Right now I'm trying to figure out if there is a correlation to where you break out and what you eat/hormones...and what that means...
  13. This is very, very interesting. I think this is definitely something of which we should take note.
  14. aahh I was actually really thinking about this recently. Like you only see yourself in mirrors and each mirror I have seen is in a different light. The mirror in my room during the day gets intense natural light and is REALLY unforgiving. Though I think the natural light is the most true to life. Fluorescent lights are terrible, they drain the life out of your face. Incandescent lights tend to make you look warmer and imperfections less distinct.But yeah, I think natural light is you best bet fo
  15. I think coconut oil would be ok... but personally I LOVE sweet almond oil. It really makes your skin look clearer...as in more luminous etc. And it never breaks me out. It also works really well to take off mascara/eyeliner you just have to work a little harder. If you don't want to use an oil you could also try witch hazel. I was actually taking my makeup off with witch hazel for a while due to shear laziness. My skin didn't break out any more than usual. I wear mineral makeup now though, but e