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  1. Can you be a little more specific please?
  2. I've had very clear skin now for the past few months. For some reason I started to drink milk again. Maybe because it taste good, or I'm just trying to get cheap protein in me Anyway my face has literally exploded just within the past four days. Its all red and I have a ton of nasty cysts and white heads all along my jawline and mouth. I started with the milk about two weeks ago, so for the first week everything was fine which led me to believe it was now good with me or something. My que
  3. It also has a lot of information on non-food allergies. For me that would be berch, ragweed, etc .. I don't know what this means but it is interesting.
  4. I had a really bad reaction once to one of those "healthy" bars. It was gluten free dairy free etc. but it had things like dates in it. Within an hour my face got really red and greasy. Then the next few days I had pretty bad acne. You said Dates come from a palm fruit. Do you think I would be intolerance to palm oil? A lot of peanut butter uses palm oil. Heck, lots of stuff does. Thanks for all the replys and I will message those interested with the info. Just be weary. It is not an e
  5. So I just got my intolerance test back. It was a DNA analysis one using hair. Not too expensive, and I'm not sure just how accurate it is, but here goes. Please let me know what you think, and if you can help me figure out some of this weird stuff. Food Items Avocado (Damn I love these) Broad Bean (What is this? All beans?!) Brussel Sprouts (Don't eat them anyway) Cheddar Cheese (That's strangely specific. I try to avoid dairy anyway) Chickory (Don't know where I eat this) Coconut (D
  6. How did u find out u were allergicmto so many different foods? What tests were done?
  7. I use Head and Shoulders now all over my body and face. Haven't had a breakout since doing this 4 days ago. I've always used Head and Shoulders on my body for years and it is flawless, but never on my face. I think I've miss diagnosed my acne all these years. I'll let you know how it goes!
  8. I've noticed the same thing for me. Every time I really load up on sodium, I seem to break out like crazy. Although recently I have seen HUGE improvements in my acne by washing with Head and Shoulders. So now that I am clear, I'm experimenting with foods I used to avoid to see if diet even affects me as much as I thought it did. So far so good. I've been drinking Dr. Pepper, eating candy etc. Time will tell. Not that this is my normal diet. I'm just testing the waters in hopes that I ca
  9. I might have to give it a shot. Though I'm going to leave things as is until I'm 100% clear. There has to be something in the H&S that I can find in another product that isn't as tightening as the H&S. It would be nice to find something I can also shave with. The less work the better
  10. By the way I ONLY get acne around my mouth and jawline. Never on my checks,forehead. Just in the beard area around the mouth. Not sure if this is an example of the condition you were talking about.
  11. It is definitely drying, but its not the flaky/red dryness. It's more of a tightness that I get which I can tolerate considering I haven't been able to stop new acne in a while. I'm going to continue to use H&S to make sure it might be this and then start experimenting with other products that claim to be easier on the skin. I looked on amazon.com and found a face cleanser by DERMAdoctor called born to be mild. Anyone try this? Also, there is allot of soap bars out there with the same
  12. i get something similar, but mines look more like white rice grains. Do these white plugs that you have leave you with enlarged pores? Also which head and shoulders do you use? Yes. They are hard small white rice grain looking things, and after I remove them (usually with my fingernail, fingers, or tweezers) it leaves behind a large extracted pore. Mind you I also have inflamed acne in other areas. Maybe due to this blockage. I don't know. If it is head and shoulders that's help
  13. just two days into using head and shoulders on my face and wow... no new acne. I still have a ton of red marks, but stopping the source is a big start. I've always had white plugs on my face that I believed to be causing my breakouts and what not. This seems to get rid of all that and dry out my cysts completely. I just hope this continues to work. Any idea why this is working? or has anyone here had success with this regimen? Perhaps I have something similar to acne. ....
  14. I used to let Head and Shoulders wash over my face, and even sometimes directly wash my face with it. But it's shampoo! So I've recently stopped using it on my face without really noticing that I did, and I'm breaking out horribly all over my jawline. I don't get any acne on my forehead or checks. Just my jawline. I'm not sure if I have another skin condition or what? Is anyone else having success with Head and Shoulders? Or is this an old debunked method?
  15. I've been off and on with Myofusion. Not sure if it does anything to my skin or not. What do you all think of the protein?