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  1. Aw thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks. :) She's one of my favorites as well.

      1. i LOVE your icon. hepburn is a fave :]

        1. i love your picture. hepburn is a FAVE.


          1. ArielIsABeatle

            Getting Rid of My Ance.

            The pictures of my progress.
          2. Aw! Thanks for the picture comment.

            1. ArielIsABeatle

              Picture Comments.

              One of my pictures said I had a comment on it but, I can't find it anywhere. I even posted a comment on my own picture to see if mine would show up... Help? Anyone? Am I just not looking in the right place?
            2. ArielIsABeatle

              So horriblee :s hickey?

              ^Hahahahaha^ But seriously........this makes me want to club baby seals. Every time someone types like this the voices get louder and angrier. Kindly cease and desist. Same here.
            3. ArielIsABeatle

              I turn down everything

              I do the same thing. Not a lot but when I do I don't feel bad until the next day or so... then I feel horrible. But, no matter how horrible I feel or look my best friend is ALWAYS there for me. She ALWAYS tells me I'm beautiful and comments on how my acne is getting better every time I see her. You just need to find someone you are completely comfortable with to tell things, hang out with when you feel like crap, and other things like that. Plus, just hang out with because you love their com
            4. That is very good to know. I;m the kind of person to tell you every little detail about everything.

              1. Lol naaw there's no such thing as tmi in the acne.org community!

                1. If a guy really likes you then he will be fine with what you look like without makeup. I NEVER wear and face makeup except for mascera when I go out. I gave up on makeup after my little kid years when makeup was the cool thing to wear (That lasted for about 2 months sice I am WAY to lazy to put that much effot into my appearance. I don't think anyone should have to whear makup to make themselves feel good. I eventually just got used to the fact that I am the way I am, acne will clear (and it has
                2. ArielIsABeatle

                  Incredibly dry flakey patch above my lip

                  I had a huge pipmle in the middle of my forehead and the same thing happened after I popped it. It's been about 3 weeks now, the dryness is gone but the redness has only faded. It is, however, faded to a point of barely noticing. I don't know if it will completely go away though.
                3. ArielIsABeatle

                  Worst Thing

                  Hahaha! That's an amazing story. It basically made my morning.
                4. Haha. Thanks for the comment.

                  I was reading your 'biggest pore I've ever unclogged' the other day and the yesterday I had the BIGGEST pimple EVER on my back (I never get bacne). I just thought it was sort of weird... Haha.

                  Sorry, TMI.