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  1. DAILY DOSE: Month 1: 60 mg/day Month 2: 100 mg/day Month 3: 120 mg/day Month 4: 160 mg/day Month 5: 160 mg/day Month 6: 160 mg/day DURATION: 6 months ACNE: Face prone to cysts WEIGHT/HEIGHT: 210lbs 6'4" GENDER: Male COURSE: Second, although I never finished the first (which was about 8 years ago).
  2. At the later stages of my treatment (160mg/day), I had to moisturize daily, otherwise i think my face would have cracked in half while opening my mouth.
  3. No abnormal side effects. Just dry skin on my upper-upper torso (shoulders, chest, upper back), along with the dry face and lips.
  4. It was a lot, about 1.6mg/kg. My acne was "stubborn"... I didn't really see any results until I jumped from 120 to 160. And, in the US, doctors will sometimes go up to 2mg/kg, depending on the situation. I've heard the UK is a bit more reserved.
  5. 1. Last week of my 6th (and final) month 2. 60mg, 100mg, 120mg, 160mg, 160mg, 160mg (for the 6 months) 3. No more acne, just redness from prior breakouts. It is fading though.
  6. It only took 6 months and 22800mg (60, 100, 120, 160, 160, 160) of the damn stuff, but it's done, for now at least. Now I'm on to Cleocin-T and Differin topicals, and then maybe an oral antibiotic sometime down the road. And, my skin is smooth and clear. Anyone that has been disappointed with Accutane thus far: just stick with it.
  7. Don't go tanning. Tanning is bad enough for your skin without accutane, and with it your skin is that much more fragile. If you want to go in the sun get some high SPF sunblock. I believe you can get SPF-65.
  8. My mother gets good prescription insurance through her place of work, so I only pay $10 per month for my (now 160mg/day) order of generic accutane. The insurance company is billed around $1000.
  9. I weigh 220lbs (100kg), and even at 120mg/day (after 3 months), i saw little to no results. It wasn't until I was put on 160mg/day in the fourth month that good things started happening. Low doses weren't helpful in my case.
  10. The "rule of thumb" (or guidelines, maybe) say 1-2mg per kg of body weight. 2mg/kg is very high, and I believe derms usually do around 1. At 140lbs, you weigh about 65kg, so 60mg is just slightly under 1mg/kg/day. Depending on your reaction to that dosage (both external (skin) and internal (blood results)), your doctor might choose to go over 60 in subsequent months. I'm going up to 1.6mg/kg in my fourth month (I weigh 100kg and do 160mg/day), simply because 120mg wasn't doing the trick. I
  11. I don't know if the Accutane pill packaging is the same, but Amnesteem (Accutane generic) has about the worst packaging i've ever seen. Apart from having the crossed-out pregnant woman on every single pill compartment, the things are almost impossible to get out per instructions. I'm going into my fourth month of these delightful packages now, and when i was on the 20mg capsules, they were just hard to get out. Now with the 40mg ones, following the three "easy" steps as resulted in three popp