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  1. Update!!! I love coming back here, and re-reading my history... thanks acne.org for not deleting my thread. I don't come on this site very often anymore, because acne is pretty much not on my mind. I empathize with anyone who struggles with persistent breakouts, because for about 8 years of my life I woke up every morning and rushed to the mirror to see the damage. It's a terrible feeling. I've been consistently clear for a long time now, and it's amazing to be free of that burden. My mind is
  2. I was on another site that I visit and someone had posted an article which claims that cleansing the skin with a mixture of olive and castor oils can reduce blackheads by up to 90%. The claim is based on the premise that like dissolves like, oil dissolves sebum. Supposedly even oily skin can benefit from this method. I used to have a majour problem with blackheads, but I've found alternative methods to get rid of them, so I'm probably not the best guinea pig to test this. Just thought I'd put
  3. WOW I can't believe my little log is still open. Haven't been here in sooooo long! Might as well update... So my skin got so good this summer, finally reaching my definition of "flawless" that I thought I had outgrown acne finally at the age of 21. I barely had a "regimen" I was just washing my face with Spectro-Jel and that's about it, most days. Unfortunately, this did not last... When I got back to school and started being stressed again and eating cookies, crackers, kfc and barely eating a
  4. Things are still good! I haven't been using the Regenerist as much as before, because I just don't think of it. The MAC tinted moisturizer has sunscreen, so on days where I want a more polished look I've been using that instead. I'm still a little too skinny for my liking. My girlfriends think I look good at this size... but the boys seem to prefer the before lol, and I kind of agree. I'm not willing to eat unhealthily to gain it back though, but I'm going to try incorporating more healthy fat
  5. I don't eat beef or pork for my general health, and I find that it does help my skin. I still eat chicken and fish.
  6. Sleeping early is essential to having nice skin for me. I found this out back in September when I moved and changed Universities. I was not eating right or exercising and was under lots of stress, despite all this my skin stayed relatively clear. The reason: I was going to bed every night at around 10pm. I have found that going to bed between 10 and 11pm is the best time, but I can stretch it out as late as 12am with ok results. Like BlackBirdBeatle said, when I go to bed really late, even tho
  7. Has anyone else using salicylic acid products (specifically something that is left on the skin) noticed thinning of the eyebrows. I'm hoping it's just my imagination, but somehow my eyebrow hairs seem more sparse lately.
  8. Skin is still looking good! A little dryer than usual (I think due to the SA) gotta get back on the Regenerist. I've been really upping the raw foods in my diet as well as my water! I haven't been exercising, but I've lost weight... not sure if I like it, I liked/like being curvy! Depending on the scale I'm between 126 and 129lbs. Once I get back to school I'm going to hit the gym and try to put on some muscle mass!
  9. I can only comment on the Sensitive Skin Foaming Cleanser. I think it's a great product. It has basically the same ingedients as the more expensive purpose cleanser, so it's very gentle, but does the job. It also takes off make-up. I alternate with this and Spectro-Jel.
  10. Skin is looking so good! The best it has since way before Christmas! I haven't been getting as much exercise as I would like, but I'm eating lots of healthy, mainly raw, fruits and veggies. Lots of water and of course no dairy. I've been using Clear Pore which has smoothed things out so much that my skin glows. I got complimented last night while I was out, this man told me my skin was gorgeous and that I had a glow about me lol! That, is exciting to me, because for years no one would ever compl
  11. What she said. I've used Spectro-Jel as well for about 5 years and it's great.
  12. Check out Snow Queen's pinned thread at the top of this forum. Medicated cleansers are not worth the money or irritation because they are not left on the skin long enough to work. If you would like to use BP find a product that is left on the skin.