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  1. Hey, I was using Cetaphil moisturizer and it had worked well before but I was noticing my zits weren't going away quickly at all. I've since stopped using it and am now using DML. It's a lot lighter and seems to moisturize pretty well. I've stopped using moisturizer during the daytime since it would leave me shiny and sweaty and I am not using BP in the daytime, so I don't really need it. I only use a bit where there is noticeable dryness. My skin is looking pretty good, minus spots that sur
  2. Finally got it! I realize it doesn't look like much, but mine just tend to be smaller. I still think falling asleep without washing my skin that one night really messed me up. I had a couple zits at that point, but now I have a ton of tiny ones. I started shaving each night after reading Dan's shaving guide again, and we'll see how that goes. It's supposed to be great for exfoliation. Other than that, I have some bumps on my neck which is not like my face at all (I never break out there!), but
  3. Hmm. I included a picture but it's not showing up. I'll try again later.
  4. Hey, I used the AHA for a few nights, and it seemed to make me breakout more. I wasn't a fan. Hopefully you like it more though! I'm kinda down since my face is a bit broken out and it's probably because I missed a night of the regimen. I was just really tired and fell asleep without washing my face at all. I have some random white heads today. I attached a picture, but it's hard to see what's going on since my skin is kinda shiny from moisturizer. That's my biggest problem. I hate using mois
  5. Hey milly! Your skin is looking better! I'm jealous that you don't look as red as I am! Ha. I had to go down to 1x a day since 2x a day was killing my skin. The skin around my chin was all red, and it was itchy and dry. I couldn't stand that. I think 2x a day is too harsh for my face. I'm seeing pretty good results with 1x a day. I just have the issue of some small breakouts still and they may be a result of the AHA I tried using. I started using it for a few nights and now I've got some random
  6. I wouldn't recommend adding the AHA in until at least the start of your 4th week. It would probably burn your skin right off! Well, it'd feel like it at least. Definitely use the moisturizer as much as you need to. Just make sure you are washing your hands before touching your skin and not aggravating your skin. Good luck!
  7. I would say it'd be best to skip it at night. If you are going to be washing your face in the morning, you don't want to be doing it at 2 AM when you get home and then again in 4 hours at 6 AM. Just my opinion though.
  8. Yeah, my skin seems pretty sensitive, so using BP is rough. It's always hard to start using it. I notice that it makes me especially red on my chin area and around my eyes. I get little rings around my eyes where the delicate skin right near my eyes is white and the areas right by there are darker. A bit of a raccoon look. This is week two for me and I'm using up to the first line on my finger two times a day. I've been using the acne.org cleanser but not their moisturizer. I have been using
  9. Hey Milly, I hope things are still going well for you. I just restarted the regimen myself, and it's rough getting back into it. Keep it up!
  10. Still needing help! :/ I'm still just using BP at night (up to the first line on my pointer finger), but I'm looking at increasing to 2x a day for next week. Or maybe alternate once and twice a day for week 2. Still, moisturizer is proving difficult. Cetaphil leaves me super greasy and sweaty during the day. I think it's just way too heavy for daytime. It also makes me sweat a lot. I have Complex 15 as well, but it leaves me with some dry spots. Additionally, moisturizer plus BP makes my fa
  11. Hey dtshareif, sorry you are going through that. It's a pain, I know. I have really sensitive skin and I have to really watch how I use BP since my skin gets really red if I'm not careful. For me, I have to take double the time Dan recommends for amping up my use of BP. You might try reducing your usage to nights only and just cleansing/moisturizing in the daytime. Also, a lot of people love jojoba oil for flaking. You might try that. I can't use it for my skin, but a lot of regimen users love i
  12. Hey, I just restarted the Regimen myself, so I know how much of a pain it can be! My face is awful right now, but keep with it! Here's something I read recently that made me feel a bit better. It's from one of the topics pinned on this board about the right state of mind for starting the regimen. It is more important to get your skin used to the benzoyl peroxide for the first month or so than to actually achieve clear skin. It is better to go slowly and take more time to work your way up to
  13. Hey guys, I just restarted the regimen and am struggling with using moisturizer. I have only been using the BP at night for this first week, and in the day I just cleanse and moisturize. I am not using the acne.org moisturizer since I don't like it much and my skin doesn't respond well to jojoba oil, but I am using the cleanser and BP from acne.org. I have been using Cetaphil moisturizer since it is the only think that really seems to hide dry patches, but it makes me look so greasy and I ge
  14. I really want to simplify my facial regimen, so the other day I picked up some Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (also the body wash) and decided to just use these and my Cerave Moisturizer. A few days later I had developed a bunch of small whiteheads on my chin and upper lip, and my skin looked bumpy near my nose. It was really awful. I also got some small whiteheads on my chest and some of them didn't even develop into whiteheads... Just red bumps. Now I've switched back to my Cerave Cleanser, I'm
  15. I'm starting Proactiv again and would really like some advice on maintaining the dry skin.