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  1. hey cody, Its good to hear you improved. It sucks that you were suspended just because you stood up for yourself. BTW i play wow and I must say that if you do decide to play it, take it slowly that game is pretty much like a drug. It is addicting but if you have self control it is actually quite fun.
  2. Month 1 Hello guys, so I went to my derm today so I could get a new prescription. Thanks god my blood test was good. She upped my dose to 40 mg now and prescribed some differin gel. I've heard some people say that it is too irritating so lets see. My face is getting clearer everyday just the red marks left. No active pimples lets hope this new dosage and gel break my streak
  3. I dont think you can take antibiotics while on accutane, I think I read it on the booklet, btw do you have a log?, cause I cant find it
  4. Day 22 Ok, so I suck at updating. I try not to think too much about my acne. Well My face has some improvements compared to when I started. It did get better after the 2nd week but this past weekend I got one of those nasty little pimples that grow on top of another recent one that just healed and left a red mark . In other news it is now "SPRING BREAK" and living in Miami I could not resist going to the beach. I was scared because I have read how bad the sun is to your skin while on tane but
  5. hey corey, I just wanted to tell you to hang on there. My face also cleared up the past weeks, but this weekend it has started to get red and I've noticed my face less dry. I think this is how tane works it keeps coming back and forth trying to break you down. Just hang on there
  6. hahaha very nice to hear that good luck. keep working on that girl. Nice to hear that your face is getting better
  7. Day 7 Face is extremely dry and i have a huge pimple in my face. I look like @#@# and I have to go to work now. Sweet
  8. hey man just returning the love. I see that you have improved a lot, I hope my progress is as good as yours. Stick on it, you are near a acne free face. good luck
  9. Day 6 Well my skin was really dry and looking good today. I took a 3 hour nap and when I woke up my face was very oily and full of white heads. I did not know they could grow so fast. Well now I took a shower and my face is back to being dry. No joint pain yet so that is good
  10. As weird as it sounds, I had really dry skin the whole day. I took a 3 hour nap and when I woke up my face was super oily and a bunch of white heads popped up. This is a mess well thanks for the tip but I already bought some clear eye solution. I will try the one you use after this one runs out. I bought the aquaphor thing for lips but I my lips aren't that dry yet. good luck and thanks for answering
  11. hey sorry I did not answer earlier. Well I am on 20 mg but I am already seeing dry skin, and eye irritation. I hope this eye thing stops soon cause I prefer having acne than having issues with my sight. I still dont have any joint pain and I hope I dont get it either
  12. Day 5 hello guys. Well today my skin is definitely drier than yesterday, like I feel that the skin is stretched out. My nose feels very irritated and my eyes have this weird feeling. I dont know if its dry eyes but I am paranoid. Is anyone experiencing any side effects in their eyes due to accutane?
  13. Persistent or strong headaches is a dangerous side effects, thats what the book says. So try to talk to your doctor first if you decide to go back. Best of luck
  14. Day 4 Ok so today I definitely saw a reduction in redness. It may be because I used a sacylic acid wash and then moisturized. I don't see a big change in oil production and or dry lips/skin.
  15. Hello Corey, i really know what your feeling. I did too changed for good many things in order to win this girl, Started working out, got a job, got a car. Although things did not work out as planned I always blamed my acne. I hope now that Im on accutane I will gain my confidence back. I dont think that the rejection you received was based on look but in your personality. She probably just saw you as insecure, Im pretty sure that when you clear up you will gain more personality and looks too and