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  1. Thank you for the encouraging words and blessings :) I really appreciate it!! I wish nothing but the best for you :)

    1. Hi. I left a reply to your comment, but I don't know if it posts in your comment box or just my blog. Visit my blog if you don't see it in your comment box. Thanks.

      1. ClaraB

        Dessert Recipes and Ideas

        AWESOME IDEA!!
      2. ClaraB

        Alcohol, here's a question

        maybe because you don't pick at them as much when you are passed out drunK?? not worth the better skin. there has to be a better way!!!!!!!
      3. ClaraB

        Lip Picking

        If my lips are chapped I take a hot wash cloth and scrape of the dry stuff in the shower. Works great.
      4. I like your thinking about the past and other countries but I think its in the food we eat more than the washing and all. Best of Luck to you!!!!
      5. Hi BE mixed with physicians formula mineral powerder has just the right amount of coverage for me!
      6. ClaraB

        pattern of adult acne

      7. ClaraB

        Long List of Makeup Tips!!

        When setting your foundation with powder, swirl your brush in the powder, tap off excess, and blot on face softly, don't "brush" it on... it really makes a difference. For blending in the crease, use a circular motion. When you just drag the brush across the crease, you end up with a big racing stripe...not so cute. So start with running it across, but on the outer edge, use small circular motion to blend, blend, blend. THANK YOU!!! IT REALLLLY WORKS AND LOOKS SO NATURAL!!!
      8. ClaraB

        God and Acne

        Its the bitter sweetness of life. If we have the most problem free life we would be selfish spoiled brats but our suffering causes us to connect with others who are suffering.. In this world you will have tribulation but be of good courage, I (God) has overcome the world! This life we live on earth is but for a moment. We don't understand why we have the crosses we have to carry and why others have beautiful skin and ours makes us want to die some days or just hide until God heals us!! But in th
      9. ClaraB


      10. ClaraB

        Treating Hormonal Acne Naturally

        Hi, I am sad that all of you are suffering like I have for so many years looking for a miracle so you can go on with your life and not be obsessed like I am with my skin all the time! I have tried EVERYTHING! Including chaste berry and so many other natural herbs and vitamins. I do believe in vitamins. I also have fasted / given up everything but natural fruits and vegtibles and only drank water and juice but still had bad breakouts. Been on every topical and antibiotic you can be prescribed by
      11. ClaraB

        my accutane log :)

        Hi, yes generic works the same but my Dr. told me she likes Sotret the best. I have been on Ammesteen and it was harder on me. Best of luck! God Bless!
      12. Thank you for the info! I crave pinnapple and its great to hear that it helps your skin! I bought some tonight as a matter of fact! Take care!
      13. Hi! I am 36 and on Accutane. 14 Days today. If you have not already tried - go get some glucosomine wtih msm. At a good health/vitamin store not Walmart or Target - ingredients are pure and will help you more. It has taken away all the aches and pains! God Bless and hang in there! Its not easy but it if works you can get on with your life and these next 6 or some months will be all wor